Problem Solved: Iphone FaceID has learned to recognize masked people


The pandemic has changed many of the usual processes in our lives, problems have even affected interaction with our favorite gadgets. If the fingerprint scanners in Android smartphones worked and continue to function flawlessly, then due to the mandatory wearing of masks in public places, unlocking the iPhone with FaceID is another task: you need to use the Apple Watch or lower the mask, since the face in it is an “apple” scanner before did not recognize.

3 years after the start of the pandemic, Apple solved this problem – in the new beta version of iOS 15.4, iPhones finally learned to recognize the owner with a mask on.

It’s all about the FaceID algorithm – now its work is concentrated on “unique areas around the eyes”, because the device with high accuracy determines a person by a small fragment of the face. The function is compatible with regular glasses (not sunglasses), but for correct operation it is necessary to carry out an additional scan by wearing the accessory to be used.

To activate, you need to go to the settings, then follow the route “Face ID and passcode”> “Use Face ID with a mask.” The feature is currently only available on iPhone 12 and 13, and it’s not clear if it will be added to older devices. The Face ID modules themselves in all previously released models are exactly the same.