Pregnant Rihanna unlocks ‘Love & Respect’ For Her Mom Ahead Of Baby’s Birth


Rihanna may still be awaiting the arrival of her first child but she’s already gaining useful perspective about motherhood. The pregnant superstar celebrated her mom Monica Braithwaite’s birthday with a loving Instagram tribute this week.

Sharing a cute throwback photo of the pair at church when Rihanna was just a little girl. The 34-year-old noted in her Instagram caption that preparing to welcome a child of her own has given her a greater appreciation for what her mom has been through.


Today is my queen’s birthday. Being on the verge of motherhood unlocked new levels of love and respect I have for my mommy in a way that I could never explain. She’s the true MVP and I want to give her flowers every second. I can love you mumzz.

Rihanna and Asap Rocky announced they were expecting a baby earlier this year. The icon is now in her third trimester and has love showing off her maternity glance throughout her pregnancy.

Pregnant Rihanna unlocked 'Love & Respect' For Her Mom Ahead Of Baby's Birth

At a Fenty universe event in Los Angeles in February, the mom-to-be shared how she’s been embracing the fun of dressing for her growing bump.

It’s a challenge, but I enjoy it, so that’s the Figuring out. First what fits, and then go from there how could we make it cool.

When Rihanna was asked about the inspiration behind the pregnancy announcement dress, she replied:

I just wanted to wear something like I wasn’t pregnant. you know just like what I would wear and and enjoy wearing it. It was fun to be able to wear in this way and kind of flasher rule you know. It was cold as hell that day. We got it done.

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Rihanna included on Forbes Billionaire List

In addition to her personal milestones, things couldn’t be going better for Rihanna professionally too. The beauty and fashion mogul was just included on Forbes annual billionaires list for the first time.

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