Poseidon complex: what is the Russian underwater drone capable of?


The Poseidon complex is an unmanned underwater vehicle, the task of which is to deliver a nuclear weapon to the enemy’s shores. It is essentially a guided nuclear torpedo that will become part of the Russian nuclear triad. In the United States, this weapon has already been nicknamed the “doomsday machine”.

This name was given to the submarine for the reason that it can destroy large coastal cities, bringing down on them a radioactive tsunami hundreds of meters high. The danger of an underwater drone also lies in the fact that it is able to reach the shores of the enemy unnoticed, as it operates silently and has modern means of camouflage.

Moreover, the torpedo moves at a much higher speed than the existing floating facilities. Let’s take a closer look at this unique weapon.

The first Russian underwater drone

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the development of an underwater drone back in 2018. In the same year, the drone was named “Poseidon” as part of the “People’s Choice” vote. Until 2018, the device was called “Status-6”, and this name sometimes appears to this day.

Interestingly, in state contracts, the device has a completely different name – “Cephalopod”. Cephalopoda is a cephalopod (octopus) that is credited with high mental abilities.

I must say that information about the drone began to appear even earlier. The first leak happened in 2015. A year later, American intelligence reported on the testing of a drone that was launched from the Sarov submarine.

In 2019, in his message to the federal assembly, the President of the Russian Federation said that the device is capable of swimming at great depths and moving over intercontinental distances. Moreover, the speed is a multiple of all existing submarine and surface ships, as well as torpedoes.

The name “Poseidon” was given to the drone by popular vote

Also in 2019, the first features of the underwater drone surfaced. As it became known, it has an unlimited range. At the same time, it can move at a depth of up to 1 km at a speed of up to 200 km / h. The features are truly fantastic, since the speed of modern nuclear submarines is half that.

It is now known that the Poseidon is a robotic nuclear submarine of compact dimensions. Its diameter does not exceed two meters, its length is 20 meters and its weight is about 100 tons. Of course, not every submarine is capable of launching such a gigantic apparatus from its side. Presumably, the nuclear submarine Belgorod will become the first regular carrier of the Poseidon.

Poseidon – doomsday weapon

As mentioned above, one of the damaging factors of Poseidon is a giant tsunami caused by a nuclear explosion under water. Such an artificial megatsunami will reach a height of 300-500 meters and will be able to go deep into the mainland up to 500 km on flat terrain.

True, it should be borne in mind that data on artificial waves caused by nuclear explosions under water were obtained by calculations. No one knows how the wave will behave in practice, since such situations have not yet occurred in the history of mankind.

Poseidon drone can cause a giant tsunami with a nuclear explosion that can demolish coastal cities

Also, Poseidon can infect coastal cities with radiation. According to experts, the torpedo will be equipped with a warhead with a yield of up to 100 Mt or even a dirty bomb, for example, cobalt.

Although, according to other experts, the cobalt bomb does not exist in nature, as we talked about earlier. But even without cobalt, after the explosion of a nuclear bomb, the coast will become inhabitable.

However, the tasks of the drone include not only the delivery of warheads to the shores of the enemy. It will also be able to carry out reconnaissance missions at a great distance. Presumably, the torpedo will not act alone. The armament will be a swarm of drones, that is, a large number of drones that will operate in a coordinated manner. And also, according to experts and the designers themselves, Poseidon can be a carrier of torpedoes and mines.

How Poseidon can provoke natural disasters

According to some experts, Poseidon can be used to detonate an atomic bomb in dangerous geophysical zones, which will provoke serious natural disasters on the territory. For example, by collapsing the southwestern slope of the Snaefellsjokull volcano in Iceland, you can get a giant wave that will move in a southwestern direction.

A nuclear explosion could collapse the southwestern slope of the Snaefellsjokull volcano, causing a giant wave

The use of nuclear weapons in dangerous geophysical zones can be even more effective means of destruction than inflicting nuclear strikes directly on enemy territory.

When will the “Poseidon” appear in service?

Do not think that “Poseidon” is a weapon that can theoretically be used now. Information about it is kept in strict confidence, but it is known that as at mid 2020, not a single sample of the underwater vehicle had yet been collected. What about testing, you ask? Only individual nodes are tested, but not a fully finished sample.

Earlier it was reported that the Poseidon will enter service with the Russian army no earlier than 2027. But, it should be borne in mind that Russia is currently experiencing problems in the field of microelectronics.

Whether this will affect the creation of modern weapons is still unknown. But, in any case, the completion of the project and the start of mass production is still far away.

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