Poor guy: delivery robot got lost in the woods


 The hard life of a little courier

British history professor Matthew McCormack made a funny discovery during a morning bike ride: he found a six-wheeled delivery robot riding alone on a forest path.

It is not yet known which company owns the robot. Given the location, reporters speculated that the courier was built by Starship Technologies. 

The authors of Futurism sympathized with the lost robot. The professor joked that perhaps the courier was delivering bananas to the wolves.

Poor guy: delivery robot got lost in the woods

This isn’t the first time a delivery robot has been in trouble. Previously, some of them got stuck on curbs, while others died under freight trains.

Recently, a robot vacuum cleaner escaped from a Travelodge hotel in the UK. However, he managed to return.

Journalists want to believe that delivery robots will become more common in the future. Perhaps then they will learn to better navigate the terrain.

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