Pixel 7 Ultra? Mysterious top Googlephone spotted in Google sources


Google source codes often contain a lot of interesting information. Thanks to them, yesterday we learned about the screen parameters of the upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and today 9to5google enthusiasts are in a hurry to share a new find.

In addition to the same displays for “C10” and “P10”, they found a screen driver for a third device called “G10”. The device does not yet have any code names, and in general, Google has not yet released devices designated with the letter “G”.

At the same time, it is mentioned that the project “G10” runs on a Tensor chip (due to the widespread references to Exynos), and as a screen it has a high-end 120-Hz panel with 3120 x 1440 pixels. These parameters are the same as the screen of the Pixel 6 Pro, however, the manufacturer is no longer Samsung, but the Chinese BOE.

At the same time, the physical dimensions of the panel (155 x 71 mm) exclude the possibility that we are talking about a Pixel Tablet. Therefore, cautious speculation began to be expressed that we might have a Pixel 7 Ultra model in front of us.

However, we should not exclude the banal attempt by Google to diversify the production of Pixel 7 Pro, using displays from different manufacturers in it, by analogy with how Apple does in the iPhone.