Phone not charging: How to fix it


Charging your phone is something that many smartphone owners suffer from. Even the presence of a high-quality charger with USB Type-C does not mean that your smartphone will charge quickly and charge at all: having put the phone on charge in the evening, by morning you can easily find that it is only half charged.

And the point, as you understand, is not a power outage – just at one moment the device stops receiving energy, despite being connected to a power outlet.

You may also notice this when you plug your smartphone into a charger in the middle of the day. What to do in such a situation? There are several ways to solve the problem.

How to properly clean the charging port

Don’t forget to clean the charging port from time to time

The first thing to do is clean the charging connector. The charging process may be interrupted due to debris and dust getting into the phone connector. Before removing dirt from Type-C (and any other), you must turn off the phone.

  • The port must be cleaned with a toothpick or paper clip: gently pick up the accumulated dirt and pull it out.
  • Try to collect dust around the edges of the connector, but do it very carefully, without pressing hard.
  • Of course, you should not use a can of compressed air: this will push the debris further and compact it, making it difficult to remove.
  • Gently remove debris while holding the phone at an angle.

It is almost impossible to protect yourself from debris getting into the charging slot. The best way is to clean it from time to time, without waiting for interruptions during charging. For this, it is best to use special tools .

Broken charging port

Unfortunately, despite the obvious advantages of the Type-C connector compared to MicroUSB, old sores still haunt it. For example, low reliability: if your phone started having problems with charging after a year, then this indicates that the problem is in the port itself. What causes a faulty USB connector?

Type-C is versatile but still not as reliable as Lightning

  • It starts to stagger, moves away, and the inserted cable is removed / inserted too easily and without the usual click.
  • If during the charging process the phone starts to blink and act up, and you have to put something under the connector, then it’s in it.
  • The cable has to be pressed as tightly as possible to start charging.

You can make sure that the connector on the phone is faulty by connecting another charger: if it is not inserted tightly, and the charging is intermittent, then the connector on the phone is faulty.

Phone not charging – reasons

Phone started to charge incorrectly? Try to do something

The latches in the connector itself may be faulty: you probably paid attention to the fact that there are “teeth” inside the top and bottom. So, they can sometimes fall into, although they should be raised. What to do?

  • You can fix this with a thin needle: try to pry this “clove” with its end and bring it to its normal position. Remember that at this time the smartphone must be turned off.
  • The contacts inside the connector can change their position. Over time, they wear out, resulting in loose contact with the cable. They can also be straightened with a needle, but this must be done very carefully.
  • The power controller in the phone can fail: you won’t be able to figure it out on your own – you need to contact the service center for diagnostics.

Phone charger stopped working

Wireless charging will always help out if wired starts to fail

There are other reasons why the phone may stop charging or the charging is interrupted halfway through.

  • Pay attention to the condition of the battery in the phone: if it quickly runs out, suddenly turns off, or the percentage of charge drops sharply, then you should replace the battery. This is done after about 2-2.5 years of using the smartphone.
  • Check the firmware version on your phone: you shouldn’t install it right away, it ‘s better to wait for feedback on its work. Try not to use custom firmware – perhaps the problem is just in the software version.
  • Broken cable or adapter. Use only quality charging accessories and read the specifications carefully. If you encounter a problem, just connect another charger – the problem will probably disappear.

In most cases, problems arise exclusively with wired charging. If none of the methods helped you, just put your smartphone on wireless charging – it should definitely work.

The fact is that the two modules are not connected in any way and one of them will definitely work. Wireless charging, although not the fastest way, is quite reliable and will always help out if the cable or connector on the phone is faulty.

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