Perfect for summer: this mini computer will make your bike “smart”


This integrated bike computer mounts securely to your handlebars and acts as a smartwatch for your bike. It brings a new dimension to your ride and a range of apps and widgets.

The Slovenian company Core Components claims that the CoreCap is the first bike computer that is installed directly into the steering wheel.

Since the computer does not need to be hung from the steering wheel, many batteries can be placed in the frame. This 185g gadget claims a whopping 80 hours of use on a single charge.

It turns on automatically and starts recording trip data for later upload to the app via Bluetooth.

You can use up to five tracked metrics at a time from a list that currently includes the following: speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, total distance, hours, trip time, total time, stopwatch, altitude change, maximum altitude , current altitude, navigation tips, smartphone notifications, and more.


Perfect for summer: this mini computer will make your bike "smart"

Core Components says the CoreCap is designed to withstand the impact of off-road riding as well as extreme weather and mud. 

The team says it has been developing the device since April 2021 and has been testing prototypes since November. It’s now ready for pre-orders via Kickstarter for €229 ($241).

Deliveries are scheduled for April 2023.

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