Pavel Durov sharply ran into Apple. Why is the creator of Telegram dissatisfied?


Pavel Durov is not particularly fond of large corporations. He has repeatedly criticized Google and Apple, which, taking advantage of the position of monopolists, allow themselves too much. And today, a new post has appeared on Durov’s Telegram channel with sharp criticism towards Apple.

The reason for Pavel’s dissatisfaction is that Apple delays the release of a new version of Telegram in the AppStore for two weeks. Representatives of the “apple” company do not respond to messages and do not comment on the delay. Interestingly, the creator of Telegram calls the upcoming update one of the most important and assures that it, we quote: “will revolutionize the way people express their thoughts in messaging.”

Durov is annoyed by Apple’s slowness and their murky review processes, which seem to be deliberately designed to terrify developers. From the latter, Apple, like Google, also takes 30% of revenue. And if a company that owns one of the most popular applications in the world has problems, then what about small startups that are powerless against the policy of a monopolist?

The creator of Telegram accuses Apple of dishonesty and causing direct financial damage to hundreds of thousands of mobile applications around the world. In light of all of the above, I wonder if Apple will respond to the accusations. But even more interesting is what Durov prepared for Telegram for the incredible update. And will the “revolution in the expression of thoughts” turn out to be another set of paid stickers for Telegram Premium.

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