OnePlus messes up with updates again. Now with Android 12 for Nord 2


OnePlus smartphone users regularly encounter software issues after receiving firmware updates. We brought you another similar story. This time, the users of OnePlus Nord 2 were somewhat unlucky, who received a “stable” version of OxygenOS 12.1 on Android 12 with a size of 4.89 GB.

After installing it, the description of the smartphone surprisingly demonstrated that this is still a beta version, which for some reason users received outside the OxygenOS Beta campaign.

In the corresponding thread of the OnePlus forum, users confirm that the firmware is a test one, not only in terms of signage, but also in content. So, there are a large number of bugs, crazy power consumption and gaps in the operation of some functions.

Some of them are also unhappy with the lack of response from OnePlus itself to this apparent failure. The Chinese company will have to smooth things over by accelerated work on a real stable version of the software for Nord 2. It is not clear how they will get out of the situation right now.