OnePlus and OPPO smartphones banned from sale in Germany


For many years, patents and licenses have been at the center of major disputes between technology companies. The battle between Sonos and Google is a clear example of this. Some of the features on the Nest and Home speakers infringed on Sonos patents, and the firm sued Google for lack of royalties, and Google has completely removed the features from its speakers. Similarly, Chinese brands Oppo and OnePlus are now forced to withdraw their phones from sale in Germany after losing a patent infringement case against Nokia.

The patent dispute between Nokia and Oppo concerns 4G technology and has been going on for several years. In early July, the Mannheim district court ruled in favor of Nokia and ordered both parties to reach a settlement agreement, otherwise a ban on the sale of Oppo phones will be imposed. The two companies appear to have been unable to resolve the matter, resulting in the Munich 1 District Court blocking the sale of Oppo and OnePlus smartphones in the country from August 5th.

Oppo says the problem is related to the LTE cross-licensing agreement. Allegedly, Nokia demanded an unreasonably high fee for license renewal and went to court a day after the agreement expired. Oppo has removed all references to smartphones from its German website. The OnePlus website continues to work and displays gadgets, but attempts to purchase them result in a 404 error.

It is not yet known how the companies plan to resolve this conflict. In addition, litigation is not limited to Germany, and in the worst case scenario, a similar ban could extend to other European countries.

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