OnePlus 10T failed in the durability test. The smartphone just broke in half


Usually, manufacturers try to make each new smartphone better than the previous one, correcting their mistakes and shortcomings. However, OnePlus does not like this strategy. Its flagship OnePlus 10 Pro turned out to be not the most reliable smartphone, failing the durability test from the famous blogger JerryRigEverything. The other day, the latest release of the company, OnePlus 10T, fell into his hands, and, as it turned out, no conclusions were made by the Chinese.

In most tests, the novelty has proven itself well. For example, scratches on the screen appeared only after exposure to a blade of the sixth degree of hardness, which is the standard for modern flagships. Well, the spot that appeared on the screen after contact with fire did not affect the operation of the sensor in any way.

However, the blogger left the most interesting for last. He tried to break the smartphone by bending it in half, and the man succeeded without any problems. Moreover, the OnePlus 10T broke exactly in the same place where the 10 Pro body gave slack. So, the owners of new items should be careful – carrying a phone in your back pocket is not the best idea.

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