NVIDIA moves to liquid cooling to reduce power consumption


This applies to solutions for data centers

NVIDIA has announced that it intends to reduce the power consumption of data centers. To do this, the company will begin to equip video cards with liquid cooling.

At Computex, the company unveiled a new liquid-cooled version of its A100 computing card. According to NVIDIA, this model consumes 30% less power than the conventional cooling version.

In the future, the company will release even more liquid-cooled server cards.

As NVIDIA says, reducing power consumption can make a big difference – data centers use more than one percent of the world’s electricity, and 40% of this amount is for cooling.

Reducing this by almost a third would be a big breakthrough. However, you need to understand that video cards are far from everything.

There is also a CPU, storage and network equipment. In any case, NVIDIA’s steps are commendable.

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