Now for sure: AirPods Pro 2 will be released in the fall and will be unlike the original


Despite the fact that Apple’s modern history largely began with iTunes and the iPod, the company was not particularly associated with music. However, understanding the basics of high-quality sound and the desire to please the consumer eventually resulted in the project of the most popular wireless headphones in the world.

First, simple AirPods were made in Cupertino, which have already received two hardware updates by now, and then AirPods Pro, which continue to exist in splendid isolation. But soon this misunderstanding will be corrected.

What will be the AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro 2 design needs to change for usability

According to Bloomberg , AirPods Pro 2 will be released in the fall of 2022. Headphones will be presented at the same event along with the iPhone 14.

Despite the fact that such rumors have circulated before, now there is almost no doubt about it. Apple has made all the necessary preparations, diversified production facilities so as not to face their stop at the most inopportune moment and is about to show the new product to the world.

  • AirPods Pro 2 , like the original model, will retain the in-ear fit and silicone ear cushions. The AirPods 3 experience has shown Apple that earbuds without seals are not very popular, especially if they cost plus or minus the same money.
  • However, the form factor of the new Apple headphones is likely to change. Industry sources agree that the company could ditch the protruding earpiece, relying on what’s called the bean-style design of the Galaxy Buds, where the earpiece is fully inserted into the ear and held onto the cartilaginous protrusions.
  • Despite the expected reduction in size, the sound of the AirPods Pro 2 is promised to be seriously pumped. It is hardly worth waiting for the appearance of additional functions regarding playback, since all of them have already been integrated into the headphones and so, but the improvement in the quality of playback, bass and treble is quite for itself.
  • Since Apple is literally turned on health, it is expected that the new AirPods Pro will receive one or more body tracking sensors. It is not yet known what exactly it will be, but it is highly likely that Apple will stop at a pedometer and a built-in heart rate monitor to measure heart rate.

AirPods Pro 2 design

Samsung was the first to try this design, and it turned out to be very popular.

The only change that confuses me and many other users is the design of the new AirPods Pro . The rejection of the temples will make the headphones not as recognizable as before. If the headphones are completely hidden in the auricle, no one will notice them, and this carries some kind of image impact.

After all , the new AirPods Pro run the risk of becoming invisible, which for the owners of Apple technology, who for the most part are known as fashionistas, will be a real tragedy.

But, apparently, Cupertino was guided by considerations of comfort. Practice shows that many users accidentally knocked AirPods out of their ears , hitting their ear.

As a result, the headphones either simply flew out, or flew out and were lost. And, if this bow does not exist, and the body of the gadget itself is located flush with the ear, then the probability of their accidental knocking out will tend to zero.

After all, convenience and practicality is a characteristic feature of all Apple devices.

Price AirPods Max 2022

AirPods Max could get new colors and price cuts

In addition to AirPods Pro, the upgrade is also waiting for full-size AirPods Max . Frankly, these are not the most popular headphones of the company, so many do not even remember about them.

But not in Cupertino. Apple has planned a traditional update of the colors of branded devices, hoping to attract the audience with new body colors.

It is not yet known what colors these will be, but the Web has suggested that Apple will rely on the color scheme of the iPhone: purple, dark green, Product (RED) and a number of other equally bright shades.

Of course, when it comes to such expensive headphones, luring users with new colors is not the best solution. Therefore, Apple is expected to reduce the price of AirPods Max somewhat .

How significant the decline will be is still unknown. But experts agree that $ 550 for headphones – albeit very good ones – is already too much.

It would be cool if Cupertino reduced the price by $100. However, this is hardly to be taken seriously. Therefore, if there is a decrease, it will be no more than 10%.

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