Nothing Phone – what is it and why is everyone talking about it


If you are interested in the topic of smartphones and you are at least aware of the latest innovations, then you have probably heard about Nothing Phone . But what is it? On the one hand, everything seems to be clear.

Since the word Phone is used in the title, this is the phone. But, on the other hand, why does the brand include the word Nothing, which literally means “nothing”? In general, there are still more questions than answers.

However, we figured everything out and are ready to tell you what Nothing Phone is, who will release it and why they are talking about it on every corner.

Nothing is a technology startup founded by Carl Pei, the former CEO of OnePlus. Such a name, apparently, was chosen to attract the attention of potential consumers, and those who came up with it succeeded.

Everyone is talking about Nothing, although the only product that this startup has released is the Nothing Ear 1 TWS headphones , which you can already order on AliExpress. However, the flagship product of the startup should be a branded smartphone, which promises to turn our idea of ​​​​mobile electronics upside down.

Smartphone Nothing Phone – what is known

This is Nothing Ear 1 – the first product of the independent Nothing

What Nothing Phone will be – at least externally – can be judged by the headphones that the company has released. They received a transparent case in the style of the late 90s – early zero years, which conceptually strongly resembled the iMac.

Despite the fact that Karl Pei himself refused to draw such analogies, he confirmed that at least the back cover of Nothing Phone will be transparent .

This was the process of rendering the design of Nothing Phone

In the image above, you can see the preliminary sketches of the designers who developed the look of the future smartphone. Whether it will end up like this, no one knows.

But there is no doubt that through the back cover it will be possible to see its hardware stuffing. But in order for the insides of the device not to look like a dissected R2D2, all the components need to be positioned so that they look beautiful.

The drawing shared by Karl Pei himself proves it. It shows that the designers designed not only the exterior of the device, but also its insides, arranging them more or less aesthetically. As a result, I believe, we will never see all the insides.

Some of them will probably be covered with a protective panel, but something will still appear before our eyes and will allow us to evaluate, among other things, the “interior” of the device.

Why is this needed? Well, this is at least unusual, which means it can “come in” to the consumer. Even though it won’t be the first transparent smartphone on the market, previous attempts have not been very successful, which means Nothing has a chance.

Before her, the same experiment was done by Xiaomi and HTC. But their smartphones with a transparent cover belonged to the premium segment and were prohibitively expensive. And Nothing Phone, according to leaks, will be valued at no more than $500.

Nothing Launcher – APK Installer

Given the low price of Nothing Phone , it is rather difficult to assume that this will be a flagship device. It is highly likely that the developers will use the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset , which Qualcomm introduced recently.

This is a processor for advanced mid-range smartphones, which is quite close in capabilities to the top Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, but slightly inferior to it in performance.

Nothing Phone will run on its own operating system based on Android

Other features of Nothing Phone remain unknown, but they are unlikely to amaze the imagination. In general, today it is somehow not customary to brag about hardware specifications, since most users do not pay any attention to them. But what you need to take is a software platform. Nothing Phone will run on Nothing OS.

Nothing OS is an operating system based on Android. That is, in fact, about the same as Harmony OS, but only from Nothing and with a number of unique features. You can “price the price” on the new OS by installing Nothing Launcher. This is a kind of probe of the future operating system, which is compatible with all smartphones on Android 11.

The developers of Nothing OS themselves highlight the unique design language of the operating system. Its interface is indeed made in a somewhat atypical style for Android. However, visual design is not everything.

Nothing is betting on an advanced folder mode, interactive widgets on the desktop with which you can interact more deeply than users are used to, and a number of exclusive settings that are not available in Google’s stock operating system.

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