Not only Europe: the US will also force Apple to sell an iPhone with a USB-C connector


Then will the company even use Lightning anywhere?

Last week, the European Union officially reached an agreement that obliges manufacturers to only sell smartphones with a USB-C charging port in the EU starting in 2024. Now a group of US senators want to follow suit. They called on the US Department of Commerce to adopt a similar policy.

This EU bill especially concerns Apple, which has so far equipped its smartphones with a proprietary Lightning connector. Now, it seems, their own country has rebelled against the company. US senators believe that the lack of a single standard leads to an increase in e-waste and damage to the environment, as well as a burden on consumers.

“We urge you to follow the EU example by developing a comprehensive strategy to eliminate unnecessary consumer spending, reduce e-waste and restore sanity and certainty in the process of buying new electronics,” the senators said.

Earlier it was reported that Apple plans to switch to a USB-C connector for the iPhone 15 in 2023. However, the company’s ultimate goal is to make the iPhone completely portless.

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