Not far gone: what passwords are most often used by CEOs of companies


They are not the most obvious, but just as stupid

The study was conducted by password manager NordPass, which found back in 2020 that the most commonly used passwords for the general public are sequential numbers such as “123456”, “picture1” and “password”.

A more recent study sample consists of 290 million data breaches. It turned out that when it comes to CEOs and other high-profile business people, their choice of passwords is much the same as the choice of passwords for ordinary people, although many of them often use names.

Tiffany has been seen in 100,534 break-ins; then there was Charlie – 33,699; Michael has been found 10,647 times; and Jordan – 10,472 times.

The report also cites mythical creatures and animals as the most popular passwords that were cracked in the data breach. “Dragon” has been seen 11,926 times and “monkey” has been seen 11,675 times.