No Bathing Water For Days In Ogun Private University Hostels After Paying Tuition In Dollars.


Lot of students of a  private institution, Southwestern University, Okun-Owa under Odogbolu local government area of Ogun state, paying tuition in dollars go several days without bathing over school’s failure to supply water to hostels.

This alarming situation is largely caused by the lack of regular water supply to hostels within the school.

It was revealed that sometimes for five straight days, water is not supplied to the hostels where students are accommodated despite being a private university.

This is also despite the fact that the school mandates tuition fees accepted currency is United States dollars.

The situation apart from affecting the lives and studies of students in the school’s hostels is already sparking fears of possible outbreak of infections and diseases among undergraduates of the said university.

“Many of us don’t bathe for several days, this is not because we chose to do so but it is the situation in the school hostels that puts us in such a condition. The school management has failed to provide a regular water supply to hostels.

“Lecturers despite being aware of this situation, still fix classes for as early as 8:00 am. Students don’t have a choice but to attend such lectures without taking their bathe.
“This trend goes on for several days until the school decides to supply water to the hostels when students can bathe again. We are tired of this barbaric and inhumane treatment of students by the university authorities,” one aggrieved said.

Revealing that a lot of students living in the school’s hostels were now having skin rashes and other skin infections due to the unavailability of water supply for them to bathe for many days and attend to other personal needs, another undergraduate of the private school described their living conditions as worse than those of inmates serving time at correctional facilities in Nigeria.

According to the student, any student who dares to complain about the poor living standard in the hostels faces the risk of getting suspended or slammed with an extra year by the university authorities. Which in fact, as a private institution which only accept tuition in dollars, water shouldn’t be a major problem.

“The sad part about this whole suffering is that you dare not complain because the moment you voice out your frustration, the school will either suspend or punish you with an extra year.

“This is supposed to be a private university where people come to learn and live good lives but at Southwestern University, the living conditions of undergraduates are worse than those of persons in correctional facilities (prisons),” the undergraduate, who cannot be named for safety reasons, said.

Swarming around a big plastic tank and several buckets and containers lined up and stretching tens of meters to get water each time supply arrives, the large crowd of students scrambling for the scarce commodity to attend to basic needs speaks volumes of the predicament of students residing in hostels at Southwestern University.

“If you see the way students rush out to get water whenever the school miraculously provides such, you will think we are animals in the jungle.
“We are being treated in a demeaning manner despite paying school fees in dollars. In fact, the tuition increases if the exchange rate of dollars also goes higher. That is the terrible situation we are enduring at Southwestern University,” another student speaks out.

Reportes on Monday surfaced on how the private university based in Ogun State suspended 17 students for demanding clean water and stable electricity supply in their hostels.

The management of the private university handed a six-week suspension to each of the 400 level students for having the guts to voice out their frustration despite warnings from the authorities.

Chancellor of the institution, Babatunde Odufuwa, who doubles as chairman of the Governing Council of Lagos City Polytechnic and Chief Executive Officer of Lagos City Computer College, had earlier threatened to suspend any student who spoke against the school or demanded certain rights.

The spokesperson for the university, Mr Aderoju, when contacted with the latest findings by our correspondent on Monday did not respond to several calls put across to him.