Nike launches 3-part shoe for optimal recycling


Nike has launched a new series of ISPA Link sneakers, the main advantage of which is the maximum focus on recycling.

As the company explains, they want to create a new philosophy for shoe manufacturers, where all goods will be reusable by default.

That is, you will not wear out sneakers and then throw them away – instead, you will simply turn them in for recycling after a while of wearing and receive a discount on the purchase of a new pair.

Nike sneakers

The concept is based on the rejection of glue and other fasteners, because it is very difficult to disassemble shoes with glued seams into their component parts.

Also, the new sneakers do not use stitching with threads, metal eyelets, and other minor elements. In fact, these are three monolithic parts that are inserted into each other and fixed with ordinary laces.

As Nike explained, assembling shoes from just three parts significantly speeds up and reduces the cost of the manufacturing process – as well as recycling.

Each of the parts is entirely made of a separate material, so they are easier to recycle. The manufacturer promises that the innovation will not affect the performance of the shoe. ISPA Link will go on sale in June this year.

Nike sneakers