Nice Smell in your home: 6 ways to fill your home with scents



Each of us has a lot of scents in our memory, and one of the most favorite is the smell of the house. As a rule, this is a unique set of many other fragrances that we carry with us from apartment to apartment.

It consists of the smell of your favorite food, freshly washed laundry, the perfume of the owners of the house and much more. There are several ways to make this very fragrance at home even more pleasant and add interesting notes to it – we’ll tell you!


The easiest and most obvious way to add new notes to your home fragrance is candles. As a bonus, they will give the atmosphere and comfort. Choose candles made from natural ingredients. The composition can be soy, coconut or beeswax and natural essential oils, which give the flavor you need.

If you choose a wooden wick, you will also receive auditory pleasure as a gift – it will crackle slightly, like a fireplace.


The aroma diffuser is a bottle of liquid, into which long porous bamboo sticks are inserted. The sticks are saturated with essential oils and spread the smell throughout the room.

One of the main advantages of diffusers is that they last for a long time. For greater effect, it is desirable to place them in a draft, and when choosing a volume, focus on the close area of the room.


To quickly add pleasant aromas to the room, use sprays and automatic dispensers. The mechanics here are the same as those of the usual air fresheners, but, as a rule, this type of fragrance has a more refined and perfumed aroma.

Automatic dispensers can be adjusted to the required frequency and intensity. Use them, for example, in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen to mask unpleasant odors.

Aroma lamps

One of the most popular aromatherapy devices also comes in both traditional and automated forms. This is an ordinary ceramic or glass lamp, where there is a bowl of water, where drops of essential oil are added. The bowl is heated on a candle flame, the oil slowly evaporates and fills the house with aromas.

Modern lamps work without water and heat the oil with ultrasound, but the principle of aroma distribution remains the same.

Do not forget that you should be careful when using this gadget – it is important not to overdo it. Enjoy aromatherapy for no more than two hours, otherwise your head will ache.


Another item that should be used in doses, and not constantly, is incense. They are often lit during yoga, meditation or Ayurvedic rituals.

These can be sticks, spirals and other types of pressed flavors. They do not burn, but slowly smolder, filling the air with a rich smell. Not everyone likes this type of fragrance, so check with your family if they like the new smell.


To scent a closet or linen drawer, sachets are most often used – bags in which fragrant herbs and flowers are added, and which create a pleasant and natural aroma.

You can also make a sachet yourself by adding your favorite flavors to it. It is enough to find the necessary herbs and flowers, dry them and place them in a silk bag.

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