New Pixel Watch: Google smartwatch specs


Rumors about smart watches from Google have been going around for a couple of years for sure. Once every six months, one of the well-known insiders will hint at the Google Pixel Watch, and a wave of news on this subject will sweep around the world. 

More recently, this came to an end – Google finally announced its smartwatch. The name, just like the design, did not surprise us much – we saw exactly the same thing a long time ago, but there were big questions about the characteristics of the Google Pixel Watch. 

At the Google I / O 2022 conference, the company did not pray much about this, but the earth has been full of rumors for a long time. 

Today we have collected for you all the most interesting leaks about the new wearable device from Good Corporation.

We talk about the characteristics of the new watch from Google. We were expecting more.

New watch from Google

In fact, at the Google I / O 2022 presentation, the company approved only two things: the first is that the Google Pixel Watch will still come out, and the second is the design of the new watch from Google.

The design of the Google Pixel Watch is very similar to most smartwatches.

Google showed us a watch in a classic case with a round dial. Similar solutions are found in literally all smartwatches, from Samsung to Garmin. 

Of course, many pixel fans (like us) would like to see a rectangular display like on the Apple Watch. It’s sad that Google instead of the original design releases the device in a body familiar to everyone.

But do not forget that smart watches are not just a beautiful accessory. For many, this is a real help. With their help, we monitor our activity, go in for sports, control health indicators and many other things. 

Therefore, it is much more important what the Pixel Watch will have inside.

Features of Google Pixel Watch

Just today, the first rumors about the characteristics of smart watches from Google appeared. The well- known foreign publication 9to5Google, citing two of its sources, reported that the Google Pixel Watch will have a Samsung Exynos 9110 processor installed

Exactly the same “stone” is in last year’s Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Interestingly, the watch has a very similar case. Previously, Active 2 was reviewed, It seems that Google has not excelled here either.

However, the processor is far from the only parameter that allows you to judge the capabilities of a wearable gadget. 

No less important role is played by the so-called co-processor, which will reveal the full potential of the main stone.

Watch from Google not only very reminiscent of Samsung, but will run on the same processor.

For example, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100+ has a QCC111 coprocessor. It is due to it that the watch has low power consumption and implements all the possibilities of health monitoring in the form of continuous monitoring of indicators, Always On and other parameters. 

Unfortunately, we cannot say anything about the Google Pixel Watch in this regard.

In terms of RAM, sources say that the Google Pixel Watch will have more RAM than all current smartwatch models. 

In the top Galaxy Watch 4 , for example, there is 1.5 GB. It seems that this will be enough for the eyes for hours. It is absolutely unclear how much more. And most importantly – why.

Also most likely Google Pixel Watch will have 32 GB of permanent memory . This should be more than enough for offline listening to music on headphones. 

Until today, smartwatches have typically been set to either 8GB or 16GB. One could say that this is for a lot of music, but you probably know that only a fraction of free memory is usually allocated to music. 

In Apple Watch, for example, 2 GB. Don’t expect Google to be generous with more.

Google Pixel Watch Sensors

Even before the official event from Google passed, a sensor slipped in the leaks of the new watch from Google , which is extremely reminiscent of that in last year’s Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5. It turns out that the capabilities of the watch should be similar.

Comparison of sensors on Google Pixel Watch and Fitbit Luxe.

According to rumors, the Google Pixel Watch will have the following health sensors:

  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Blood oxygen saturation level sensor.
  • Sensor for monitoring the number of steps taken and calories.
  • ECG meter.

Of course, all these parameters are closely related to the work of the coprocessor. Fitbit Luxe, for example, can measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels around the clock. 

A hundred uphill Google Pixel Watch will have no less features. But we can’t say more about it yet, it will become known later.

I’m sure Google will add many workout scenarios to the Pixel Watch.

It would also be cool to have continuous ECG monitoring. Despite the fact that the smartwatch only records one ECG (instead of the standard 12 in a doctor’s office), it would be nice to see something like a holter. 

This would be a great help for users with atrial fibrillation. If this does not happen, then it is generally unclear who will buy them.

Also, we all know that Google is famous for its software algorithms. Thanks to them, you can easily implement such features as monitoring sleep and respiratory rate. We hope that algorithms will be improved in the new Pixel Watch.

Everything related to the Pixel Watch design, release date, WearOS and other details – you are welcome to our presentation post. It is written in the most detailed way, get acquainted!

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