Nel Ngabo – Mutuale


Rwanda Popular Singers “Nel Ngabo” Premiere a perfect love song on May, 2021 Titled “Mutuale Feat Bruce Melodie” Mp3 Download & Lyrics.

Nel Ngabo - Mutuale Ft Bruce Melodie

Mutuale Ft Bruce Melodie Mp3 Download, Lyrics, video & Mp4

This song “Mutuale Ft Bruce Melodie” is an Impressive track that will surely be worth a place on your Playlist if you are a lover of great Music and Rwanda Songs.

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Mutuale by Nel Ngabo Mp3 Download

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Lyrics: Nel Ngabo – Mutuale Ft Bruce Melodie


Mutuale Lyrics
Elle me disait que c’était juste un ami
Elle me disait de ne pas avoir peur de lui
Naramutwaraga iyo yajyaga kumusura
Nawe ntiyatinyaga nokuza iwanjye
Aah aah aah
Aah aah aah

Namugishaga inama iyo byabaga byanze kandi
Kumbe ntaziko ariwe ubitera, ubitera aaaaah
Mutware ninjye wizize
Mutware mutware mutware
Mutware ninjye wizize
Mutware ninjye wabaye umwana
Ninjye wabaye umwana
Reka mutware mutware mutware
Erega ninjye wizize
Mutware ninjye wabaye umwana
Nawe wabaye umwana

Mon ami shyira ballon hasi Gabanya imihari
T′es mon frère, Nitwagapfuye umukobwa
Ne m′en veut pas
Décision ezalaka na maboko yayo chérie
Comme ça nangate we petit
Ubuse ntuzi ama cash, akora abana paya
Waretse kwihindura umusazi, namuterese muri kumwe ntiyavuga
Erega icyumuntu ntaho kijya dore turi marrien

Mutware mutware mutware
Mutware ninjye wizize
Mutware ninjye wabaye umwana
None dore untwaye umwana
Reka mutware mutware mutware
Reka mutware nkwemeze
Nyine wabaye umwana
Mutware mutware mutware
Arashaka umutipe ufatika
Ntamwuana usya aravoma
Mutware nyine wabayee umwana
Njyenawe turacyari incuti

The song “Mutuale Ft Bruce Melodie” is an inspiration of the feelings that Music brings. Wikipedia defines Music as “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” Most Times singers drops awesome videos for their songs to make their fans feel the Emotions behind the Good Music. Meanwhile the Genre of the song defines the beauty of the rhyme and how well the Fans can vibe to It.

It is said that everyone marches to the beat of a drum. There is a soundtrack that individuals live their lives too. For teenagers, the music is often extremely intense. You may dance to the angry sound of heavy metal, the passion of a love song, or the empty sounding chords of depression. The sound changes from day to day, and even from moment to moment. Do not underestimate the power of music.

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