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Natti Natasha Net Worth

Natti Natasha has estimated net worth of up to $25 Million.

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Full Biography of Natti Natasha

Natti Natasha is a Dominican singer, each released single of which creates a sensation among music lovers, and the clips of the puffy Latina collect, without exaggeration, hundreds of millions of views.

The artist has already earned the status of the most awarded performer in the Dominican Republic, and the popular tracks of the star sound from every iron.

Childhood and youth

Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista, and this is exactly what the real name of the singer sounds like, was born on December 10, 1986 in the large Dominican administrative center of Santiago de los Trainta Caballeros. In addition to Natalia, the family of Sarah Batista and Alejandro Gutierrez, a university professor, brought up two more older brothers of the future star.

At the age of 7, Natti Natasha began to develop her vocal abilities at the School of Fine Arts in Santiago. In addition, as a child, Natti Natasha sang in the church choir and participated in all cultural events of the school and her native city.

Influenced by the work of her favorite musicians – Bob Marley and Jerry Rivera, Ivy Queen and Lauryn Hill – Natti Natasha began to try to compose her own songs in the reggaeton genre as a teenager. However, the first group – D’Style, which Natalia put together, did not last long and did not achieve success.


Having set herself the goal of being realized in music, Natti Natasha went to the USA, where she enlisted the support of the popular Latin American singer and producer Don Omar. Having signed a contract with the label Orfanato Music Group, the Dominican under the pseudonym Natasha Natti released the mini-album All About Me in 2012.

The creative debut in the biography of Gutierrez was successful, and soon Natti’s songs rose to the top of the charts.

In parallel, Don released his own compilation Love Is Pain, the single from which, titled Dutty Love, topped the charts in Latin America and won three Billboard Latin Music Awards with the participation of Natti Natasha.

Further collaboration with Omar brought Natasha the songs Makossa and Crazy In Love, released in collaboration with Puerto Rican artist Farukko, as well as several nominations for the Billboard Music Awards.

In 2015, Natti Natasha recorded the song Perdido En Tus Ojos with Don, the video for which has collected hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Having won a platinum disc in Spain, Natasha ended her collaboration with Orfanato Music Group and signed a contract with Pina Records.

The following year, the celebrity, along with rapper Daddy Yankee, recorded the single Otra Cosa, but the track Criminal, sung together with Ozuna, brought her wide popularity. The clip, where a puffy Latin American performs a hot and passionate dance, was watched by 1/5 of the inhabitants of the globe, as a result, the girl was named one of the most popular singers on YouTube.

The subsequent period in Natti Natasha’s career also became rich in duets with other musicians. The track Amantes de una Noche, made in collaboration with rapper Bad Bunny, again collected millions of views. The same success accompanied the song Tonta, recorded together with R.K.M & Ken-Y.

The songs Quien Sabe and Sin Pijama, performed with Becky G , also earned the attention of the audience, with the second song collecting almost 2 billion views.

In 2018, Natti Natasha teamed up again with Daddy Yankee to record the single Buenavida, and together with the Mexican star Thalia, gave the world the lyric composition No Me Acuerdo.

In the same year, the singer won over YouTube regulars with a video for the song Me gusta and won two awards: Heat Latin Music Awards and Telemundo.

A year later, the artist’s discography was replenished with a new album, IlumiNATTI, which included 17 tracks. To consolidate the success, Natasha recorded another lyrical song, this time paired with the American singer Romeo Santos.

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Personal life

The personal life of the Dominican singer is not a mystery. In February 2021, Natti Natasha exchanged marriage vows with her manager Rafi Pina. Four months later, the couple had a daughter, Vida Isabelle Pina Gutierrez.

As for the singer’s husband, this is the second marriage of the man. From the first, with businesswoman Carolina Aristizabal, which lasted 8 years, the executive director from Puerto Rico left three children.

The singer published several photos with the baby on Instagram, where over 30 million followers follow Natasha’s life and work. Natti Natasha regularly pampers her loyal fans with video clips of performances and spectacular staged shots, because the girl has incredibly mouth-watering forms that she is proud of and does not hesitate to demonstrate.

The singer inherited her beauty from nature, but the Dominican woman nevertheless corrected her breasts with the help of plastic surgery, since one was larger than the other.

In her free time, the singer takes care of homeless animals: first she takes them to her place, and then finds them a new home, once she even attached a horse and a tarantula. People around say that Natalia is sociable in nature and a positive girl, and therefore easily makes friends.

The height of Natti Natasha is 162 cm.

Natti Natasha now

In 2021, the Latin American singer presented a new album called Nattividad. The collection includes 17 incendiary tracks performed in the “pop” genre. The song Ram Pam Pam became especially popular, the video for which the Dominican shot together with Becky G.

The video has collected half a billion views and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic comments on YouTube. In the video for another song from the Imposible Amor album, Natti Natasha starred in collaboration with the Colombian composer Maluma.

In November, the documentary “Everybody Loves Natty” also saw the light of day, in which the performer spoke frankly about how difficult it is to be at the top of popularity and at the same time maintain peace in the family.

Now the talented vocalist continues to develop her career, and the birth of a little daughter does not at all distract the singer from creativity, but, on the contrary, stimulates her inspiration. Her mother and husband help Natasha take care of the baby.

Interesting Facts about Natti Natasha

  • Natasha Natti has been a vegetarian for many years.
  • As for phobia, the singer admitted that she was afraid of the dark and frogs.
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