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Nadir Rustamli Net Worth

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Nadir Rustamli full Biography

Azerbaijani singer Nadir Rustamli is a regular participant in song contests in his homeland. The vocalist most loudly declared his own talent by winning the Voice of Azerbaijan project, and after the victory he tried his hand at Eurovision.

Childhood and youth

The future singer was born on July 8, 1999 in the city of Salyan in the east of Azerbaijan and grew up with his brother and sister. Everyone in the Rustamli family was into music. 

His father, a doctor by profession, independently mastered the string tar and guitar, his mother played the piano, all three children studied at a music school. Nadir Rustamli received his musical education in the piano class, took private vocal lessons, and even as a child he learned to play the guitar donated by his brother on his own.

After graduating from high school in his hometown of Rustamli, he moved to Baku and entered the Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management. Nadir received his university diploma in 2021. 

Now the singer is engaged in business in the field of trade and music. At one time, Rustamli performed as part of the Sunrise band, and after the breakup of the group, he focused on solo work.

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Even in his school years, the singer began to solo at city holidays and concerts. As a freshman, Nadir participated in the Republican festival “Student Spring”, in which he took second place, and two years later he became its winner. 

In the same 2019, Nadir Rustamli was the representative of the homeland at the Youthvision international competition, in which musicians from 21 countries competed. Then Nadir Rustamli of Salyan took second place and received a cash prize of $2,000.

In 2021, Nadir Rustamli became a participant in the second season of the Voice of Azerbaijan show, an adaptation of the famous vocal project The Voice. Rustamli got to the next competition thanks to the producer, who asked the singer to record a video with the performance while he was on vacation, and sent the application himself.

Nadir was invited to “blind auditions” for which the vocalist chose the soundtrack for 007: Spectrum by Writing’s on the Wall. Two star mentors turned their chairs to the contestant at once, of which Rustamli preferred Eldar Gasimov, the winner of Eurovision-2011. 

Although some insisted that Qasimov was too young to lead his ward to victory, Nadir himself was pleased with the decision.

To get to the final, the vocalist rehearsed diligently, although, according to his own remark, there were plenty of worthy talented competitors. During the project, Nadir Rustamli performed songs both solo and in duets.

With Amir Pashayev, another member of the Voice of Azerbaijan, he presented the American hit Beggin to the audience, and together with his mentor sang the track Running Scared, which brought Eldar victory at Eurovision in 2011.

The final of the Azerbaijani vocal show took place in January 2022 live on the ITV channel. In addition to Nadir, three more performers fought for the title of the best singer of the country in the final competition. 

The winner of Səs Azərbaycan (Voice of Azerbaijan) was chosen by the audience via SMS voting. Rustamli got 42.6% of the audience votes, which secured him the first place and a certificate for 25,000 manats (about $15,000).

Qasimov shared the secret of his ward’s victory. According to Eldar, Nadir Rustamli was favorably distinguished from his rivals by a special magnetism that attracted spectators, diligence and constant improvement of his own level.

The mentor also noted that Rustamli is 100% worthy of representing Azerbaijan at Eurovision, and with competent teamwork and the right choice of composition, he may well achieve a high place. 

Versions were put forward that Gasimov could even join the young singer at an international competition, but Eldar himself noted that this stage in his biography was closed forever.

After Nadir Rustamli and Eldar performed by the duet Running Scared, whose voices are similar and complement each other, the singers thought about a joint project in the future. Rustamli also plans to continue solo work in his homeland and conquer international song contests.

Personal life

Most of the publications on Nadir’s Instagram account are devoted to creativity: the vocalist shares videos with his own performance, uploads excerpts from competitive performances, boasts of the achievements and awards of song projects. 

Nadir Rustamli does not advertise his personal life and only occasionally publishes photos with friends.

Nadir Rustamli now

Shortly after the end of the Voice of Azerbaijan project, the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company announced that Nadir would represent his homeland at Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy. 

As the soloist admitted in an interview, he dreamed of performing on the Eurovision stage since childhood. The singer also noted that he would like to pick up a composition in the light rock genre for the competition.

According to composer Isa Malikov, head of the Azerbaijani delegation at the international competition, more than 300 compositions were submitted for selection. The song Fade to Black, with which Rustamli will perform in Turin, was presented to the public on March 21.

Interesting Facts about Nadir Rustamli

  • The first season of the show “Voice of Azerbaijan” ended in 2016, the winner was Emilia Yakubova. Thanks to the competition, the singer built a solo career in her homeland, and after marriage she moved to London.
  • On the same day as Nadir Rustamli, but with a difference of eight years, the singer Manizha, who represented Russia at Eurovision 2021, was born.
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