Probably, each of us has an idea what should be the best smartphone . We keep an image in mind and wait for a model that meets all the desired characteristics to appear on the market in order to shell out honestly earned money for it. Alas, such a scheme does not always work, and sometimes, due to one or two shortcomings, it is necessary to postpone the purchase again for an indefinite period. But what should the ideal smartphone look like , and what should it have inside? Let’s reflect and think about what really matters.

Compact smartphones

Frankly, I’m tired of shovels. So, using the weighty Redmi Note 9 Pro for a couple of years , I realized that there is no need for a very large screen, and although you can get used to the impressive dimensions, they still cause discomfort. Now I definitely decided to take a compact smartphone . But what? There are only a few such models on the market, and no more than five compact devices can be distinguished:

  • Xiaomi 12 (12X);
  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • ASUS Zenfone 9;
  • Sony Xperia 10 IV;
  • Sharp Aquos Sense 6.

The problem is that the first three models belong to the flagship segment, and therefore their purchase will cost a pretty penny, and a modest battery, taking into account a powerful processor, will not provide the proper level of autonomy. The mid-range Sony Xperia 10 IV and Sharp Aquos Sense 6 remain , available only in Japan and with a very elongated body.

Xiaomi 12X is one of the few compacts in 2022

Smartphones with AMOLED

Not finding myself sensitive to PWM, I concluded: my ideal smartphone must necessarily be equipped with an AMOLED display . Simply due to the fact that such screens are brighter and more saturated. Unlike compact devices, there are plenty of models with an active matrix, so there are no problems with the search, and you can take at least a cheap Redmi Note 11 , even the most expensive Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra .

The situation is much more complicated if the desire to get a smartphone without cutouts is added to the requirement of a certain type of matrix . Alas, there are no such models on the market. Let’s not seriously consider a smartphone with a sub-screen camera , right? In most cases, the cutout for the front camera is located in the middle, which, for example, distracts me while watching movies. I’m more comfortable with a notch on the left, like on Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE or OnePlus 9 , but these models are not fully compact.

Fast smartphone

I need not a powerful, but a fast smartphone . Gaming performance is not my primary concern. Flagship chipsets like Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 get very hot, and their active work quickly depletes the battery. The best processor option in 2022 is Snapdragon 778G . Here you can roam a bit by looking towards Xiaomi 12 Lite or realme GT Master Edition .

Snapdragon 778G – perhaps the best chipset in 2022

The fallback is Dimensity 920. It is also powerful enough to guarantee a 2-3 year performance headroom without any reservations, and is used in many smartphones from Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G to vivo V23 . Equally important is the type of drive, and I would still prefer UFS 3.1 , which is stated in the specifications of vivo V23.

Smartphone with a good camera

Of course, it’s cool when a smartphone has a lot of additional modules from wide to telephoto, but in 95% of cases I use only the main sensor. In principle, modern models are equipped with good cameras, but they completely lack optical stabilization , so that you can photograph objects in motion without fear of blur. Recently, the situation has begun to change, and low-cost smartphones with OIS like realme 9 Pro + 5G or Samsung Galaxy A52 have appeared on the market . It remains only to turn them into compacts and make the screen more accurate, which realme clearly lacks .

Fast charging

The battery race seems to have stopped, and manufacturers have settled on the 4500-5000 mAh mark. If the phone is equipped with an AMOLED screen and an energy efficient processor, this volume is more than enough, so the whole emphasis is on charging speed. For example, Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G offers a 120-watt power supply, and so far this seems like overkill. Yes, the smartphone is fully charged in 15-20 minutes, but 60 watts is enough for me. The main thing is that charger should be included in the kit, and it’s good that Android device manufacturers rarely refuse such an accessory.

Smartphone features – what else

Without fast charging today nowhere

Recently, I managed to understand how important the quality of the vibration motor is. Take, for example, vivo V23 – a great smartphone , but the buzzing vibro does not allow comfortable typing, not to mention the lack of additional effects. Well, stereo. Of course, the best smartphone should have stereo speakers , without which movie only sounds good with headphones.

After analyzing all the main criteria, I came to the conclusion that there are no ideal smartphones. Some models like the Xiaomi 12X are as close as possible to this definition, but they still lack something. Either they are too expensive and easily overcome the mark of $500, which for many of us is a psychological milestone. Then the processor squeezes all the juice out of the battery, and the dimensions of the case are far from the concept of compactness. In other words, the search continues. Have you already found the perfect smartphone?