More security for users and fewer Mi Band bracelets


In the past short work week, we learned that the world’s largest companies have teamed up to make our future truly passwordless. There is no philanthropy here, only the opportunity to come to a single industry standard for security.

We also learned that Xiaomi will no longer support two of its fitness bracelets at once. Let’s sum up the results of the week, remembering these and other events from the world of Android and high technologies.

Mi Band

There will be fewer famous bracelets.

Which Xiaomi bracelets are no longer supported

The Xiaomi fitness bracelet is known for its durability, powerful battery, and low price. Unfortunately, the company stops supporting devices from time to time, including smartphones, speakers, and even fitness bracelets.

This week it became known that two Mi Band 3 and 4th generation were on the “black list” at once. In general, this is logical, because the new Mi Band 7 will be presented very soon and nothing should interfere with sales of the new product.

At the same time, we can confidently say that both bracelets are still top-end. We tell you why they are good and whether it is worth spending money on them.

Mi Band

Xiaomi is ending support for two popular fitness bracelets. But they are still worth buying.

Let me remind you that Xiaomi announced the termination of support for Mi Band 4 with NFC at the end of last year: the restriction affected contactless payments on fitness bracelets that worked with the Mi Fit application versions 5.4.0 and below after December 31.

So, if contactless payment stopped working even before the well-known events, we recommend updating. Personally, I think a few people rarely update the proprietary Mi Fit app. If you are looking for a good analogue, then we have selected several Mi Fit replacements for you at once .


Mi Band 4 is a great gadget that costs less than Mi Band 5 or 6

If you’ve updated but can’t find the familiar Mi Fit shortcut on your screen, don’t worry, the app has now been renamed Zepp Life.

There are no changes in it, all the usual set of functions is in place. This happened, first of all, due to the fact that the new generation of Mi Band will run Zepp OS – there is no talk about the old ones, probably everything will remain the same.

But what is known for sure is that Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 will no longer receive updates. At the same time, the devices are still on sale and they are good in their own way.

Mi Band

Works for a long time, does not sink in water, helps to train. What else is needed for happiness?

As befits every Xiaomi fitness bracelet, it should definitely be a hit. Mi Band 3 is a topper to this day, although far from ideal.

Black and white screen, rounded shapes, water protection, smartphone notifications, even if they are crooked.

The bracelet is ideal for those who need to wear something on their hand instead of a watch: the display, of course, is microscopic – 0.78 inches, the coating on it is scratched, but this is normal.

You will be able to look at notifications, weather, heart rate during a workout or the number of steps without problems. The following functions are available in training mode:

  • Outdoor running;
  • Treadmill;
  • Cycling;
  • Walking;

The battery is only 110 mAh, but you should know that this is normal for Mi Band. Add to this a black-and-white display with not the highest brightness and you will get a good accessory that will live quietly in economy mode for at least 3 weeks.

Mi Band 3 it’s definitely worth it if you want an omnivorous, but inconspicuous wrist accessory for every day .

I confess honestly: that Mi Band 3, that Mi Band 4 I love very much. But I tested both bracelets in my own way.

For example, with the third generation I started to lose weight, and he helped me a lot in this, and already with the next generation bracelet I kept myself in shape: by the way, I still use it.

Last summer I successfully drowned it, but I was able to get it from the bottom of the lake – no problems with it.

Mi Band

Mi Band 4 is a great accessory for every day, much more practical than any Apple Watch

Unlike Mi Band 3, the fourth version has a color display with a resolution of 120 * 240, a diagonal of 0.95 inches and a high maximum brightness of 400 nits. If it is not overloaded, then it will last even longer, for example, a month and a half.

There are many training modes, built-in music control on the phone. In general, there is everything in order to train and just wear it on your arm as an accessory.

The same training modes are available, but strength training and swimming have been added to them.

If there is a difference between Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and other generations, then with Mi Band 4 everything is much simpler: it is a completely modern gadget, although not with the largest screen, but with about the same relevant functions for every day.

By the way, Mi Band 4 works much longer than the latest versions due to the smaller screen, so there is not much point in overpaying for them. Straps from both generations fit together – this is a big plus.

As you can see, both gadgets are quite modern, even though Mi Band 3 seems to be the “black sheep” among the rest.

Termination of Mi Band support is not a sentence. They will continue to work, and bug fixes do not concern them – this is not an Apple Watch that can be discharged due to a bug in the system.

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