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Mod Sun Net Worth

Mod Sun in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $3 Million.

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Full Biography of Mod Sun

Derek Ryan Smith, acting under the pseudonym Mod Sun, is now interested not only in the United States of America. A musician who went from a member of punk bands to a successful rapper and solo artist is one step away from conquering the whole world. 

In addition to promoting his own career, Mod Sun is expanding the discography of the alternative hip-hop duo Hotel Motel. He is also the creator of poetry collections, thematic magazines and books.

Childhood and youth

Derek Ryan Smith was born in the United States of America in March 1987. An early biography was associated with the state of Minnesota, and more precisely with the city of Bloomington.

As a child, Mod Sun survived the divorce of his parents and was mentally traumatized. For some time, for objective reasons, he lived in California with his father.

Mod Sun

At the age of five, Mod Sun returned to his mother, who arranged her own future. In search of a permanent place of residence, an incomplete family traveled around the country. Warm memories are associated with a farm in Hennepin County: there he did what he liked, left to himself.

The passion for music arose under the influence of a neighbor, drummer Bud Gaugh IV, who played in such bands as Sublime, Del Mar and Eyes Adrift. A backstage man who also appeared in an episode of the fantasy television series Finding Bigfoot introduced the teenager to the styles of ska-punk and reggae. With his filing, Ryan began to go to concerts of teams who came to Minnesota.

The mother liked that her son showed interest in guitars and drum kits, so she began to invite guest performers after performances to her home. Talking to people who are completely devoted to creativity, young Smith began to understand fashion trends and learned about the existence of emo and other popular sub-cultures.


In his youth, as a high school student, Derek joined the pop punk band Sideline Heroes. After 4 years, they got rid of him despite his creative potential.

In the mid-2000s, a guy who had become adept at playing percussion and drums, a new company turned up. He became a member of a post-hardcore band called Four Letter Lie and featured on the albums What a Terrible Thing to Say, A New Day and Let Your Body Take Over. 

In 2008, the future rapper toured the United States with the band, where he met members of Dance Gavin Dance, Memphis May Fire, A Skylit Drive and A Static Lullaby.

In 2009, vocalist Brian Nagan no longer liked the work of the drummer, Smith, who did not accept criticism, left for the Scary Kids Scaring Kids band. The national tour benefited Mod Sun, with his solo performance at the start of the show providing an individual breakthrough.

In the early 2010s, Derek changed his name and creative direction, began presenting mixtapes and hip-hop mini-discs, and almost immediately won the favor of an interested audience. The debut album Look Up, released on Rostrum Records in March 2015, reached number one on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.

On the wave of success, the American, who took the pseudonym Mod Sun, began working on a new full-scale release. The disc differed from the previous one in that the musician received all the instrumentals from the producers and, with the help of the recording studio, formed a track list that included the compositions We Do This Shit, She Just Wanna Dance, WWYGADT and Beautiful Problem.

Artists and bands such as Mansionz, Gnash, Maty Noyes, DRAM, Blackbear and Richthe Kid had a hand in a number of songs.

The diverse songs received generally positive reviews from music critics. “Intellectually stimulating lyrics” and “unabashedly hilarious melodies” were praised by reviewers for Hip Hop DX and Substream magazines.

The third full release of Mod Sun had to be carefully thought out. BB with the single #noshirton was presented to the public in 2017. In 2020, the first signs began to appear from the new, fourth album, Internet Killed the Rockstar, on which the artist returned to his roots and once again turned into a punk rock star.

Fans of the rapper’s creativity were surprised by the next experiments with style. Three singles were released for promotion – Karma, Bones and Flames. The latter featured the voice of the Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, who has repeatedly risen to the top of the world charts. According to rumors, with her filing in the work of an American, tangible progress has come.


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Personal life

In the mid-2000s, Mod Sun was in a relationship with Instagram and other social media star Hannah Beth. A dozen years later, two girls appeared in his personal lives at once, supporting polygamous unions. He lived with model Tana Marie Mongeot and actress Bella Thorne, who were both open bi.

After the collapse of the trio, the last of the chosen ones stayed at the rapper’s house and became the official wife. The marriage did not last long, because each of the family members pursued their own careers, it later turned out that the musician’s lover had a number of other women and men.

In early 2020, Mod Sun returned to the traditional sexual paradigm. During the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the joint quarantine, gossips tried to bring him to Monjo, but this failed. 

Avril Lavigne, who participated in the recording of the 4th studio album, after the scandal in the media appeared on the horizon. The bright, outrageous couple could rarely be seen apart. In the spring of 2022, Mod Sun proposed to Avril in Paris.

Mod Sun now

At the beginning of 2021, the full version of the 4th studio album was released. Amnesia, Painkiller, Betterman and Twenty NUMB have been added to previously released tracks from Internet Killed the Rockstar. 

Critics called the original project a positive contribution to the revival of pop punk music. The compositions, supplemented by clips, were broadcast on YouTube and on the Telegram channel.

In the spring, Mod Sun’s discography was replenished with a joint single with Blackbear called Heavy and a deluxe edition of the disc with 7 bonus tracks. Smith’s debut film titled Downfalls High was released at the same time, starring Chase HudsonSidney SweeneyJimmy Bennett and Maggie Lindemann in the lead roles.

Mod Sun Discography


  • 2010 – The Hippy Hop
  • 2011 – In MOD We Trust
  • 2012 – Happy as Fuck
  • 2015 – Look Up
  • 2017 – Movie
  • 2017 – BB
  • 2021 – Internet Killed the Rockstar


  • 2012 – All Night, Every Night
  • 2012 – Save
  • 2015 — Pound on the Way
  • 2018- Runaway
  • 2018 – Burning Up
  • 2019 – Psycho Smile
  • 2019 – Tell Me All Your Secrets
  • 2019- Blue Cheese
  • 2019-Selfish
  • 2019- Shoulder
  • 2019- Amen
  • 2019 Tipi/2005 Flex Up
  • 2019 – I Remember Way Too Much
  • 2019 – Uppers & Downers
  • 2019 – Stay Away

Interesting Facts about Mod Sun

  1. In his youth, Mod Sun was a drug dealer, but due to his passion for music, he gave up this occupation.
  2. Mod Sun is the author of the poetry collections So Long Los Angeles and My Dear Pink.
  3. In the photo that became the cover of the album Internet Killed the Rockstar, Smith appeared with green hair. The rapper’s fans appreciated the new, extremely outrageous style.
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