Millions of old Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a defective battery.

  • September 29, 2022

Clouds are gathering over Samsung – millions of Galaxy smartphones may have defective batteries. The scale of the problem was drawn to the attention of video blogger Arun Maini, the leading YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss with 11.7 million subscribers. It all started with the fact that the battery of his Galaxy Note8 swelled and squeezed out the back cover.

Since the blogger had an impressive collection of smartphones, which included all Samsung flagships since 2010, he decided to check out the rest of the gadgets. It turned out that 2 more smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and S10, were similarly affected. It was possible to attribute the situation to poor storage conditions, in England it was quite hot recently, but then why didn’t smartphones of other brands suffer?

A little later, Maini rechecked his collection again. Swollen batteries were found in a number of models: Galaxy S8, S10e, S10 5G and Fold 2. Another well-known blogger shared a similar problem – Marques Brownlee from the channel (MKBHD). A huge number of smartphones pass through the hands of his team, and every year a couple of them come across with swollen batteries, and these are always models from Samsung.

Blogger JerryRigEverything also noticed Samsung’s swelling batteries. He suggested that the cause of swelling may be hidden in the release of gas inside the battery. Meanwhile, Arun Maini found another problematic smartphone in the collection – Galaxy S20 FE.

According to the results, it turned out that 25% of Samsung devices from the Arun Maini collection turned out to be with swollen batteries. If this is indeed a pattern, and not a special case, then 250 million Samsung owners may end up with faulty smartphones. The South Korean manufacturer, by the way, has already responded to the situation and asked the blogger to send faulty smartphones for research. It’s too early to panic, but it definitely won’t be superfluous to check your gadget.