Microsoft reveals how to speed up Windows 11 for better gaming performance


It’s no secret that Windows is far from ideal by default and needs to be improved by setting the right settings. In the case of Windows 11, the situation is exactly the same. After the last patch, the performance of the OS has completely deteriorated, which has led to a huge number of complaints from gamers from all over the world. Microsoft did not ignore the problem and told how to solve it. 

Corporation representatives report that the drop in frame rate in games is due to the operation of two components that must be disabled. The first is Memory Integrity. He is responsible for checking drivers, as well as software for malicious code. The second component is VMP (Virtual Machine Platform). As you might guess from the name, it allows you to run other operating systems in a sandbox. 

Although these components may be useful to the user, Microsoft recognizes that they significantly reduce the performance of the computer. To disable “Memory Integrity”, you need to write in the search “Core Isolation”, go to the menu item that appears and set the toggle switch to the inactive position.

VMP is also disabled through the search. We write “Turn Windows features on or off”, select the appropriate item and uncheck the box next to “Virtual machine platform”.

The changes will take effect after you restart your computer. At the same time, Microsoft noted that it is better to turn off Memory Integrity only during games, because the rest of the time it does more good than harm, being responsible for system security.