Microsoft releases Defender antivirus for Android, iOS and macOS


When we hear the name Defender, we think of antivirus software in Windows. The “Defender” is built into the system and provides a satisfactory level of security, due to which many refuse to install third-party antiviruses.

However, now Microsoft has decided to bring the Defender brand to other platforms, and to several different systems at once – Android, iOS, iPadOS and macOS. This is not the first time in recent years that the Redmonds have focused on cross-platform. A good example is the Edge web browser, which can now even be used on Linux.

The new multi-platform Microsoft Defender varies by operating system and should not be considered a typical antivirus. For example, there is no antivirus software on iOS and iPadOS, so here the application offers protection against webphishing along with a dashboard that allows you to conveniently and quickly check the level of protection of other devices, such as a Windows computer or Android smartphone.

Microsoft Defender for Android is a larger application. Here, users, in addition to the functions known from iOS, also have anti-virus protection and the ability to scan the device for malicious applications.

The new Microsoft Defender is not free. It’s available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family plan subscribers ($6.99 or $9.99 per month) and can be downloaded for all of the above platforms from the app stores or directly from the Microsoft website.