Meme-game “Move, Roach!” from the creators of The Witcher became a hit. Try it, it’s free

  • September 11, 2022


Along with the last major expansion for Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red released a small arcade game that quickly gained popularity. And this is quite expected, given the meme potential of the project. Here you have to play for Roach – the horse of the witcher Geralt.


“Move, Roach!” is a simple runner in which the player, controlling the Roach, must jump over obstacles, dodge monsters and collect bonuses. Locations from The Witcher 3, 8-bit graphics and music, as well as Geralt rushing behind the horse add fun to what is happening.

At the moment, the game has a very high rating in the Google Play and App Store of 5 and 4.9 points, respectively. And some players joke that “Move, Roach!” turned out to be more exciting than Cyberpunk 2077. By the way, the toy is available for free.

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