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Maxx Morando Net Worth

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Maxx Morando full Biography

Morando Maxx is a drummer whose biography has long been known to American rock fans. Around the world, they started talking about him after reports of a secret romance with singer Miley Cyrus.

Childhood and youth

The future musician was born on November 16, 1998 in Los Angeles. Maxx Morando began studying musical notation at the age of eight, then took lessons at a rock school in Hollywood, where he met and became friends with other aspiring artists.

Later, the young rockers united and in 2015 created their first band, The Regrettes, where Morando became the drummer.


Debut mini-compilation Hey! the band recorded already in the first year of its existence, and a full-fledged studio album Feel Your Feelings Fool! saw the light of day two years later.

As Maxx Morando admitted in an interview, at first, during the recording of songs, he was so focused and tried not to make a mistake that he could not play at full strength. And only when he managed to relax, the music turned out to be of really high quality.

For three years in The Regrettes, Maxx Morando managed to travel around the country with tours and light up on the popular musical talk show Conan. In 2017, the artist also received a tiny role in the drama Lady Bird, but his name was not indicated in the credits.

In 2018, the team released another album – Attention Seeker, after the premiere of which Morando left the band. Together with three old acquaintances, Max founded a new band, Liily, where he continued his career as a drummer. The musicians presented their debut single Toro in the same year.

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Personal life

In the summer of 2021, the first rumors about Maxx Morando’s romance with American singer Miley Cyrus appeared, which the Daily Mail paparazzi noticed while walking in Nashville. A few months later, the musicians attended the fashion show of the Gucci Love Parade collection in Los Angeles together.

Finally, on the eve of the new year 2022, Cyrus organized a concert in Miami, which was broadcast on NBC. Members of the press also saw the lovers making out on the balcony of Miley’s room and later dancing and holding hands backstage at the show.

And although the couple did not officially comment on their personal lives, some believe that with that kiss, the singer secretly revealed a secret relationship.

Moreover, there were reports of insiders about the romance of the stars. So, sources close to them said that Maxx Morando and Miley met through mutual friends and agreed on the basis of common interests in music.

For several months, Morando accompanied his beloved on tour and watched Cyrus’ performances from behind the scenes. Anonymous also noted that the singer designated the rocker as her boyfriend and managed to introduce her beloved to her family.

Max Morando now

Now Maxx Morando continues to engage in creativity as part of the Liily group. In 2021, the band presented the long-awaited debut album TV or not TV, for which the musicians had been creating hits all previous years.

In parallel, Maxx Morando tried his hand as an artist. Collaboration with designer Shane Castle, the drummer created an outfit for Cyrus, consisting of a jacket and short shorts with a bright print.

This pattern of monsters and cartoon characters was designed and painted by Morando himself. A photo of Miley in a spectacular suit appeared on the pages of Vogue magazine, later Max posted the publication on his own Instagram account.

The singer herself was pleased with the result of the collaboration, noting that Maxx Morando and Shane managed to create something fresh in the fashion world, which suits her taste.

Maxx Morando Discography

With The Regrettes:

  • 2015 – Hey!
  • 2017 – Feel Your Feelings Fool!
  • 2018 – Attention Seeker

With the group Liily

  • 2021 – TV or not TV

Interesting Facts about Maxx Morando

  • Morando draws inspiration from drummer Keith Moon and rock singer Phil Collins.
  • The musician is allergic to peanuts.
  • Fans of Cyrus assume that the song of the favorite You, which she presented at the New Year’s concert on the last day of 2021, is dedicated to Max.
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