Marvel’s Spider-Man is out on PC. The game can already be downloaded on torrents


Thank you for the beta test. The long-awaited Marvel’s Spider-Man, the latest Spider-Man adventure game, has arrived on PC and was a console exclusive until recently. You can officially buy it on Steam and EGS, or, if you are a principled supporter of piracy, download it from torrents.

Based on Marvel’s Spider-Man ratings, personal computer owners liked the game just as much as console players – it now has a Metacritic score of 87 out of 100. And peak online on Steam over the weekend was 65,000 concurrent players. This, of course, is less than the record of God of War – 75,000 players, but more than Horizon Zero Dawn – the first major project from the PlayStation, which was released on PC and attracted 56,557 people at the same time.

And while consolers are indignant about another “stolen” exclusive, Sony bosses are rubbing their hands in contentment – their new marketing strategy with porting games to PC is bringing in decent income. The company has previously claimed over 33 million copies of Marvel’s Spider-Man sold, which means there are other major PlayStation releases in store for PC owners in the future.