Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth & Biography: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

Machine Gun Kelly in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $26 Million.

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Full Biography of Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK, is an American rapper and rock musician who also distinguished himself as an actor. Many believe that with his hair and manner of dressing, the man returned fashion to the 90s.

Childhood and youth

Machine Gun Kelly (real name Richard Colson Baker) was born April 22, 1990 in Houston, Texas. The boy’s father quit his business, became a Christian preacher and tightly controlled his son in everything.

The singer described his mother as an estranged woman who practically did not participate in his upbringing, and then completely abandoned him. Due to poverty and the profession of his father, Machine Gun Kelly guy was ridiculed by other children.

In the 6th grade, Machine Gun Kelly became interested in rap. He was heavily influenced by EminemLudacris and DMX. Taking the nickname Machine Gun, the teenager felt that he had become a new personality, stronger and more energetic. 

At that time, relations with his father deteriorated, he moved to Kuwait to serve in the army, and he began to live in the basement of his aunt’s house.

There he began experimenting with drugs and recorded an amateur demo tape, Stamp of Approval, which became the basis for a 2006 mixtape.

Music and films

After the release of the Machine Gun compilation, Kelly played small venues for several years until he landed a deal with a major label. The first two records in his discography entered the top 10 and made the singer an idol of the younger generation.

Machine Gun Kelly almost went bankrupt after paying a $2 million settlement to a bouncer who was hit with a bottle during a fight in a Florida bar. In order to regain his fortune, he was forced to start a side career as an actor. 

MGK made his debut in the romantic drama Behind the Scenes, where he played along with Minnie Driver and Danny Glover.

In 2016, Machine Gun Kelly’s filmography increased with four more films and the series “Guests”, in which the rapper played the former assistant of Pearl Jam.

In 2017, the artist released a video for the song Home, which he recorded with X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha for the soundtrack to the film “Brightness”.

On March 22, 2019, The Dirt, a biopic about the controversial band Motley Crue, premiered on Netflix. For the role, Machine Gun Kelly reincarnated as drummer Tommy Lee. Every day for 4 months, the actor allowed make-up artists to apply makeup on his face and cover his body with new tattoos.

The album Hotel Diablo, according to the artist, became the most sincere and most expressed his personality. Despite this, the album was a failure. Sales were poor, and critics scolded the musician more than before.

Personal life

In July 2009, Machine Gun Kelly had a daughter, Casey, from a relationship with Emma Cannon, his first true love, whom the singer met as a teenager. They are believed to have been married for many years. 

MGK was glad that the girl grew up kind, loving and sympathetic. The musician said that he would not have tolerated the same “rebellious bastard” in the house as he himself was in childhood.

After parting with the mother of his child, the artist led a rather stormy personal life. From April to July 2015, the rapper dated model and actress Amber Rose

In 2017, he started a relationship with a girl named Halsey, an alternative pop songwriter, next to whom he felt like “like he was 16 again.”

The singer’s life was complicated by drug addiction, he smoked marijuana, ate psychedelic mushrooms and washed it all down with alcohol. It got to the point that Machine Gun Kelly could not leave the house and go to the studio if a doctor friend did not bring a dose.

During a concert on the day of his 27th birthday, the artist felt a terrible pain in his chest, as if a bone had been stuck in his heart. Doctors advised taking a break for a month, instead Machine Gun Kelly added hydrocodone to the list of drugs used.

In 2020, while filming the movie Midnight in the Cereal Field, the rapper began dating actress Megan Fox. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the process was suspended after two weeks, and the couple spent a lot of time together. In May, actresses’ husband Brian Austin Green posted a photo of a butterfly on Instagram with the caption:

“Eventually they get bored of sitting on one flower for too long.”

The Transformers star appeared in the clip of her boyfriend Bloody Valentine, where they kissed, confirming the romance rumors.

In parallel, the artist met with model Sommer Ray, but the relationship did not last long. On April 22, his birthday, MGK reported that the girl packed up and left his house.

In January 2022, it became known that MGK proposed to his girlfriend. Megan Fox posted on her Instagram account a photo of a diamond and emerald engagement ring designed by Machine Gun Kelly himself.

Machine Gun Kelly’s height is 192 cm, weight is 76 kg.

Machine Gun Kelly now

On January 17, 2021, the musician released a 49-minute video for the new album Tickets to My Downfall, made in the style of punk music and for the first time in the biography of the singer who topped the charts. 

The record featured one of MGK’s idols, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. One of the tracks, Forget Me Too, the artist performed a duet with Halsey.

On January 31, 2021, Machine Gun Kelly made his first musical guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. The musician decided to celebrate his debut by lifting comedian Pete Davidson into the air, but lost his balance and fell off the stage with him.

Machine Gun Kelly Discography

  • 2012 – Half Naked & Almost Famous
  • 2012 – Lace Up
  • 2013 – Black Flag
  • 2015 – General Admission
  • 2017 – Bloom
  • 2018 – Binge
  • 2019 – Hotel Diablo
  • 2020 – Tickets to My Downfall

Machine Gun Kelly Filmography

  • 2014 – “Behind the Scenes”
  • 2016 – Salt Lake City Punk 2
  • 2016 – “Nerv”
  • 2016 – “Virus”
  • 2016 – “Promised Land”
  • 2016 – “Guest performers”
  • 2018 – “Bird Box”
  • 2019 – “Battle for the Earth”
  • 2019 – Dirt
  • 2019 – “Growing up to the fullest”
  • 2020 – “Project” Strength “
  • 2020 – “King of Staten Island”

Interesting Facts about Machine Gun Kelly

  • MGK has a tattoo on his stomach that reads “Almost Famous”.
  • Machine Gun Kelly heavily insulted Eminem with a 2012 tweet stating that his daughter was “hot as hell”.
  • In politics, the rapper defines himself as an anarchist.
  • MGK now lives in Los Angeles and owns a gothic mansion. The walls of the house are decorated with tapestries, on the territory there is a swimming pool, billiards and a basketball room.
  • The controversial singer was arrested several times, for example, when he was driving a friend’s car with a gun and without a driver’s license.