Luciano Szafir Net Worth & Biography: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Luciano Szafir Net Worth

Luciano Szafir in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $16 Million.

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Full Biography of Luciano Szafir

At the very beginning of the 21st century, the soap opera factory – the Brazilian broadcaster Globo – amazed the world with the series Clone. The main character of the tape , Zhadi , rushed between two men: a reliable Muslim husband and a Brazilian – her first love, and the audience argued which of them, Said or Lucas, was better. But when Zane, played by Luciano Szafir, appeared on the screen, the ladies of the whole world agreed: he looks better than anyone next to a beautiful Arab-Brazilian.

Childhood and youth

The future actor, whose full name is Luciano Lebelson Szafir, was born in Sao Paulo on the last day of 1968 in a religious Jewish family. The ancestors of the star lived in Lebanon for a long time. On the same day as Luciano Szafir, Beth and Gabriel’s parents were blessed with the birth of his sister Priscilla. In addition to the twins, the artist has an older sister, Alexandra, and a younger brother, Salomao.

After graduating from a Jewish school, the guy, whose height was already approaching 190 cm, began his modeling career. In 1990, Luciano Szafir signed with a leading Brazilian modeling agency and moved to New York where he walked in fashion shows alongside Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

In the mid-90s of the XX century, Luciano Szafir returned to his homeland in order to open his own business – a watch store. Luciano was soon spotted by Carlos Manga, the creative producer of a team that wanted to make a remake of the series c, which was popular in Brazil in the 70s. Thus began the acting biography of Luciano Szafir.


In the remake series, the writers made a number of changes compared to the original source tape. The main character, the commoner Nissi, the insidious Cinderella of the 20th century, became softer and more humane and did not die in the finale, as in the “Cruel Angel” of the 70s, but achieved the desired happiness. 

The producers recruited three actors from the first series to film the second, with Atila Ioriou playing the same role as the previous time. Luciano Szafir in “Cruel Angel” created the image of Julio – a guy in love with Nissi, brilliantly played by Gloria Pires.

World fame came to Luciano after his role in “Clone”. Szafir’s character is a wealthy Egyptian, Zane, who was asked by ex-husband Jady Said, played by Dalton Vig, to become his ex-wife’s second (fictitious) husband so that he could remarry her later. 


For the sake of the role, the always clean-shaven actor grew a goatee, which he immediately got rid of after filming was completed. No less bright star of “Clone” than Giovanna Antonelli, who played Jade, became Vera Fisher, who created the controversial image of Ivete, the beloved of Lucas’ father Leonidas.

In Luciano Szafir’s later career, there were many roles in serials and feature films. So, in “Metamorphoses” Luciano reincarnated as the central character – plastic surgeon Lucas Mendoza, and in the fantastic multi-part film “Mutants: Promises of Love”, the Sao Paulo native created two images: Bernardo and his double Amadeus. In the full-length adventure film “Goytaka” by Rodrigo Rodriguez, the actor played Maracahaguaca.

Personal life

In his youth, Luciano met with the Brazilian TV presenter Shusha. The fruit of love was the daughter Sasha Meneguel, whose birth on July 1998 and the first years of life are the most documented in Brazil. In 2009, the stars tried to renew the romance, but in practice they felt the truth of the saying “you cannot enter the same river twice.”

A year after the final breakup with Shusha, joyful changes took place in the personal life of the Brazilian actor: Luciano Szafir met businesswoman Luana Melloni. In 2012, the lovers came together. The couple, with an interval of 2 years, had two children: David and Mikael.

Luciano Szafir now

On December 10, 2020, the world premiere of the documentary “Ancestors of the Amazon” took place, in which Luciano Szafir starred along with two other Brazilian TV stars – Diego Fragoso and Reinaldo Gianecchini.

Unfortunately, the news about Luciano in 2021 is not related to his roles, but to the artist’s illness. The man re-infected with coronavirus and on June 22 was hospitalized in serious condition. The photo of Luciano Szafir in an oxygen mask appeared on the official Instagram account of the Brazilian actor.

Luciano Szafir Filmography

  • 1997 – Cruel Angel
  • 2000 – “Brazilian watercolor”
  • 2001 – 2002 – “Clone”
  • 2004 – “Metamorphoses”
  • 2006 – “The worst nightmare”
  • 2006 – Opposite Lives
  • 2007 – 2008 – “Deceit and love”
  • 2009 – Mutants: Promises of Love
  • 2011 – “Rebels”
  • 2012 – “Requiem for Laura Martin”
  • 2017 – “Hatred”
  • 2020 – “Brazilian Empire”
  • 2021 – Hope Eaters
  • 2022 – “Goytaka”

Interesting Facts about Luciano Szafir

  • Szafir is not only a star of soap operas, but also a theater actor. Luciano played both Pontius Pilate and Jesus in the play The Passion of Christ, which ran annually in the pre-Covid era before Easter in the largest open-air theater in the world, the New Jerusalem.
  • After the release of “Clone”, many Arabs took Szafir for their own and called him as an honored guest at weddings. Now among the friends of Luciano Szafir there are both Jews and Muslims.
  • Szafir, like many of his Clone colleagues, including Giovanna Antonelli, appeared in one of the longest-running Brazilian television projects, New Hercules. The series is dedicated to the problems that concern teenagers: each episode has a new plot and new characters.