There is no doubt that Google has a lot of hardware products that should appear in the near future. The Google I/O developer conference that took place a few months ago showed us some of them. Among other things, it turned out not only the Pixel 6a, which is already out, but also the Pixel 7, a tablet and even the company’s watch. All this will appear on sale sooner or later, but there is a high probability that we will see two more devices. And if one of them was talked about quite a lot, then the second one will definitely not be as typical as many others, and can help the company find a new audience for distribution.

What gadgets will Google release

The Pixel 7 series , the Pixel Watch , and the new Pixel tablet planned for next year might be enough to get you excited, but what we’re really interested in is the company’s unannounced gadgets. A new leak sheds light on two upcoming devices from Google, one of which could arrive next year.

According to popular leaker Digital Chat Station on Weibo, Google is currently planning to partner with Foxconn on two upcoming flagship phones. Their production will be moved from Vietnam back to China. This is reported by the publication 9to5Google.

Google Pixel foldable phone

The first device should be familiar to anyone who follows Pixel rumors closely. It will reportedly be a Google foldable tablet that only the lazy didn’t talk about. While it’s not clear when production could start, the extra confirmation that it will be is already encouraging. There is nothing unsaid in the new leak about what this device will be. A Weibo post calls it a “regular” foldable phone – but any sign that the Pixel Fold is still alive is sure to make life easier for fans dreaming of a clamshell phone from the makers of Android.

Pixel 7 may get a new case

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Does Google make premium phones?

The second phone in question is much more mysterious. It is supposedly a flagship product powered by Google Tensor 2 processor, equipped with an IMX787 sensor , a 50 MP main camera and, most interestingly, a ceramic body.

If this sensor model sounds familiar to you, it’s because it came out a couple of weeks ago and was “pinned” to a mysterious “Lynx” device that no one seems to understand. If the Lynx does have a ceramic case, it suddenly makes a lot more sense, offering premium materials beyond glass and metal. This will be the first case in the history of smartphones.

Phone with ceramic case

The ceramic case is not the most frequent guest in the industry. It appeared in the Essential PH-1 and OnePlus X , but the material has a number of limitations that prevent manufacturers from making products that people want to buy. First of all, they relate to color. Painting ceramics is quite difficult, and boring colors in the industry are increasingly giving way to brighter solutions. Even if it turns out to give the ceramics some unusual color, this will be all. It simply won’t work to make it iridescent, gradient or with rays diverging along the body.

folding phone

The foldable Pixel should come out soon enough.

Say you still wear a cover? And then what difference does it make to you what kind of case is under it – ceramic or plastic? I have nothing against cases, but in this case, the premium materials do not matter at all.

Probably, the OSOM OV1 could become the most unusual place for using a ceramic case – before the untimely disappearance of this device into oblivion. It is even impossible to say whether his successor – Solana Saga – will follow this path.

If Google does indeed plan to create a ceramic Pixel in the future, it could go a long way towards developing a brand that is going down some weird path. In any case, connoisseurs of premium products will have more choice, and what Google itself gives such a choice is very good!