Logitech set to release a portable Gaming console (See how it looks)



A month ago, Logitech announced the G Gaming Handheld, a handheld cloud gaming console. Then the company did not name practically any details, not counting the very fact of development together with Tencent Games. And now, thanks to the leak of information, we can see how the new console will look like and what kind of interface it will have. The original photos on Twitter have already been removed as copyright infringement, but “the internet remembers everything.”


The design of the Logitech console is very reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch with traditional controls (analogue sticks, D-Pad, triggers, ABXY buttons), and the icons on the home screen confirm the cloud gaming support promised by the company in its announcement.

From the photo, you can understand that the Logitech G Gaming Handheld runs on Android, which is hinted at by the Google Play store icon. Therefore, it is not a competitor to the “computer” Steam Deck running on Linux. Judging by the interface, cloud gaming will be represented by Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now and Steam Link services. Another Xbox icon may belong to another service – Xbox Remote Play. There is also Chrome and YouTube on the screen, which means that in addition to games, the new console will also run regular applications.

It is not yet known when and at what price the Logitech G Gaming Handheld will go on sale, but the company has already launched an official page where you can subscribe to the newsletter about the new product.