List of ways on how to find lost Samsung phone


Smartphones have become very expensive, including Android devices, which are getting more expensive every year, but are sold for next to nothing. It is all the more offensive to lose a smartphone along with all the data, not only without the possibility of recovery, but also without ways to lock the smartphone. Luckily, software makers make programs that allow you to find your lost phone and wipe your data. Often they require root access to the system so that they are not deleted when detected, but such utilities are not required by Samsung: the company’s smartphones have Find My Mobile. We tell you how to find a phone using this application.

Samsung Find My Nobile – what is it?

Find My Mobile is a dedicated service for finding a smartphone or other device. It can be accessed through your Samsung account so you can always backup or wipe your Galaxy device remotely. If location tracking is enabled on your smartphone, your phone will update it every 15 minutes.

The utility has the ability to activate a special sound to find out where it lies if you dropped it nearby. It is also possible to prevent power outage, lock the screen and display a message about the loss. Activating Find My Phone on Samsung is very easy.

Turn on the function in the settings to find your phone if you lose it

  • Go to Settings, select “Biometrics and security” and turn on device search.
  • Go to the Find My Mobile website , select your device, and launch the feature.

So you will find your smartphone with one touch, which means that the function works.

What is a Samsung backup code and how to set it up

Samsung smartphones also have two-factor authentication so you can protect your smartphone, but for some reason Find My Mobile sends a code to the missing phone , from which you want to erase the data – agree, a dubious possibility? Fortunately, this can be bypassed: you will either have to completely disable two-factor authentication, or use backup codes – it is better to keep them in a safe place. Here’s how to set them up.

It is better to save the codes in a separate file so as not to lose

  • Select your Samsung account in settings.
  • Click “Security & Privacy” and select “Two-Step Verification”.
  • Then click “Backup Codes” to generate them for your phone.

Now write them down in a text document or save them to the cloud: backup codes are one-time use, so open this option again in case you suddenly lose the previous ones!

Find my Samsung phone – how to use

After setting up Find My Mobile on your Samsung smartphone, you need to log in to the service’s web page using your Samsung account. From here you can see a list of all devices on which Find My Mobile is activated . If the location of the gadget is found, you will see an icon on the map with the current status of the device, network status, battery charge, and connection type (cellular or Wi-Fi). By the way, they must be active so that you can use Find My Mobile to search for a device.

The smartphone will be displayed on the map, and you can find it faster

Thanks to this utility, you can also turn on the power saving mode remotely to extend the battery life of your smartphone – so you will have a little more time to find it. The utility can be used to restore access to your smartphone if you forgot your PIN or passcode. In some Samsung smartphones, instead of a proprietary utility, a similar one from Google may be built in – for this you will have to use data from your Google account, and not Samsung.

What to do if you find a phone

The utility allows you to check the location of your smartphone every 15 minutes, so you have very little time to run to the park or store where you left it. Now you need to activate the ringer on the device in order to discover it. The alarm will sound at maximum volume even if the smartphone is in silent mode. Unfortunately, the sound signal can be turned off directly from the device, so you will have to activate the notification several times in a row. Suppose a smartphone is found, but what if a thief has it?

In no case do not try to deal with the criminal on your own – you can get into a fight and be left without a device. It is better to report that it was stolen to law enforcement. Then nothing will depend on you, so it’s better to enable backup in advance.

Try not to waste time and make a backup

  • On the Find My Phone page open on another device, tap Backup.
  • Then select all the types of data you want to copy and click “Create a copy”, then agree and repeat the selection.

You can also remotely wipe data from a Samsung smartphone . On the application page, click “Erase data”. If two-factor authentication is enabled, you need to enter a one-time code, or you can receive a verification code on another device – click “Authorize with a backup code” below and enter it. After that, just click “Erase data” and confirm the entry. Please note that after this, all data from your smartphone and SD card, if installed, will be erased. So, this is the last way to somehow save your data from prying eyes.