LG to make displays for Apple’s latest device: For mixed reality headset


LG Display has begun preparing to ship micro-OLED displays for Apple’s second-generation mixed reality headsets. It will be a brand new device from the Cupertino company.

LG Display is reportedly already ordering equipment for manufacturing micro-OLED displays from Sunic System. The source writes that LG Display is part of the supply chain for the first-generation Apple headset, but the company will not provide its main display at this stage.

Sony will be the main supplier. But with the second-generation headset, LG hopes to get major orders. This is rumored to be in Apple’s interest as Sony will compete indirectly with the company’s headset with its own PlayStation VR.

Late last year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple was already working on a version of its second-generation headset that would offer a lighter design, improved battery and performance. However, we have not even seen the first generation.

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