Lenovo has announced $403 T7 electric lift table. Lift speed up to 55mm/s

The lifting table has a motor power of 1600 Newtons, which contributes to a very fast movement of the tabletop. The device was named Legion Electric T7.

The noise level of the device during operation is only 48 dB. The device can be used as a computer desk, as well as work standing behind it. Its system of magnetic cable holders allows you to neatly organize all available wires.

The manufacturer claims that the T7 frame design can withstand up to 250 kg when folded and a load of 125 kg during lifting.

The top of the table is rectangular with rounded corners and a matte finish. The legs are made in a triangular form factor and are manufactured using a cold welding process for better stability.

Based on its specifications, the T7 electric lift table seems to be fast, quiet and durable. It measures 140x70cm and has a lifting range of 68cm to 128cm, making it suitable for users 130cm to 190cm tall.

In addition to magnetic holders, the gadget is equipped with storage compartments, fastening straps and other useful features. The device also supports the installation of a horizontal perforated panel (for tools or as a fence).

Electric lift table t7 legs

The Lenovo Legion Electric T7 lift table is already on sale on the company’s official website. The cost of the device is $403, writes gizmochina.

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