Kira Dikhtyar Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Kira Dikhtyar Net Worth

Kira Dikhtyar in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $5 Million.

Full Biography of Kira Dikhtyar

Top model with Russian roots Kira Dikhtyar built a brilliant career on the catwalks and starred for the covers of glossy magazines. Having become famous, Kira made a sensational statement: at a minor age, the girl was subjected to violence by a Russian oligarch.

Childhood and youth

Kira Dikhtyar was born on March 17, 1988 in Moscow. At a young age, parents sent their daughter to rhythmic gymnastics, so in childhood and adolescence, Dikhtyar was a member of the national team and dreamed of becoming a coach.

From time to time, the bright girl was offered to appear in professional photo shoots for magazines, so when Kira Dikhtyar had to leave the sport, she thought about her further career in the modeling business.


Kira Dikhtyar began to go to auditions and soon received a contract with an international agency. The Moscow lady got on the pages of magazines and catwalks, and then – in the project The Face, which Naomi Campbell launched in 2013 as an analogue of the popular shows “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway”.

On the project, Kira Dikhtyar got into a team mentored by Naomi herself, and hoped to learn a lot from the supermodel. However, Campbell disliked the upcoming star: she behaved aggressively, called Dikhtyar names and even threw objects at her ward. True, viewers did not see this: scandalous scenes were cut out in the final version of the releases.

Finally, Naomi accused Kira Dikhtyar of racism, although, according to the model, she did not allow herself negative statements towards black rivals. After accusations of racism, Kira had to leave the show, endure persecution from the audience and the press, and even go to a psychiatrist. 

As time passed, when the model was able to overcome stress, she admitted that those difficulties only hardened her.

To avoid oblivion in the modeling business, Kira Dikhtyar was helped by shooting in the American Playboy, for the cover of which the girl posed naked. After the photo shoot, Dikhtyar went to a party at Hugh Hefner‘s estate , where she was able to personally meet the founder of the magazine. 

In an interview with Hugh, Kira Dikhtyar mentioned that she has been a fan of Marilyn Monroe since childhood, after which Hefner gave the model the first issue of Playboy, for the cover of which the famous blonde posed in 1953. Kira was flattered with such a sign of attention, which she spoke about later in an interview.

The iconic photo session became a turning point in the career of the Muscovite, after which Kira became a top model and more than once got on the covers of glossy publications and walked on the catwalks of famous brands. In addition to modeling, Kira Dikhtyar worked as a producer of video clips, a casting director, and acted in films.

Kira also signed a contract with Miramax to shoot the reality show Model Mom about the life of two model mothers who moved from Russia to America and are trying to build a career. 

The second heroine of the show was to be Evgenia Kuzmina. The further fate of the project is unknown, but together Kira and Evgenia nevertheless appeared in the frame: the models played in the film Trick, which premiered in Russia in 2021.

Kira Dikhtyar is also engaged in social activities: she is the UN ambassador for sports, participates in advertising campaigns for the protection of animals. So, Kira worked for the global organization PETA and advocated for the replacement of natural fur with artificial fur in the production of clothing and accessories.


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Personal life

For life, Kira Dikhtyar chose the United States, she rents an apartment in Manhattan. In America, the model met the English director Anthony Hickox, who specializes in filming horror films. 

Despite a significant age difference of almost 3 decades, an affair began between Kira Dikhtyar and Anthony, which ended with Dikhtyar’s pregnancy. Hickox did not plan children, so he left his beloved when he learned about the pregnancy.

Kira gave birth to her son in Los Angeles. Later, the model brought the child to her parents in Moscow, where the boy still lives. Dikhtyar admits that someday he plans to take the heir to the United States, but for now he tries to fly to Kira at least five times a year and spend holidays together.

Kira Dikhtyar

Kira Dikhtyar with ex-civil husband Anthony Hickox

Upon learning that Kira returned to work on the podium, the ex-husband tried to renew the relationship. At the same time, Anthony needed only a beautiful model, and not their common child, so Dikhtyar finally broke off any contacts with Hickox.

The model does not like to talk about her personal life and only occasionally publishes a photo with her son on her own Instagram account. 

Most of the pictures on Kira’s social networks are dedicated to work: Dikhtyar shows footage from professional photo shoots, catwalks, film sets. The model also admits that she does not like to be photographed on a smartphone.

According to the Kira Dikhtyar, she does not monitor her weight, but simply eats right, leaning on vegetables and protein foods, excludes flour and sweets from her diet and goes in for sports.

According to her, Dikhtyar does not resort to radical methods: she does not sit on strict diets, like some models, does not use medications for extreme weight loss, and does not refuse food.

Kira’s height is 175 cm, weight is about 50 kg.

Kira Dikhtyar now

In October 2021, Kira became the guest of Andrey Malakhov in the program ” Live “. Dikhtyar said that at the dawn of modeling, she flew to London to shoot. Arriving in the UK, Kira Dikhtyar ended up in a hotel where she was raped by a Russian oligarch. At the time of the crime, the 15-year-old model was a virgin.

On the air of the show, Dikhtyar admitted that Boris Berezovsky was the oligarch, and a polygraph test showed that Kira was telling the truth. The model also said that she plans to fight for Russia to raise the age of consent to 17 years, that is, by one year.

Interesting Facts about Kira Dikhtyar

  • Kira was repeatedly noticed in the company of Mikhail Prokhorov, but the model claims that there is no romantic connection between her and the businessman, but only friendship and basketball: both support the Brooklyn Nets team.
  • Before filming in the American Playboy, Kira offered cooperation to the Russian representative office of the publication, but Dikhtyar was refused due to excessive thinness. Upon learning of this, Hefner offered to fire the editor-in-chief, but the model did not want such sacrifices.
  • Kira Dikhtyar dreams of playing Anna Karenina and is sure that she will do it no worse than Keira Knightley or Sophie Marceau. Kira also wants to work with cult directors Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.
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