keyboard shortcuts other than Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V that will speed up your work


Remembering these combinations is quite simple.

Everyone knows that you can copy and paste text as quickly as possible using Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V. But there are other keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to work faster in the browser and in standard Windows programs.

I’ve listed the main keyboard shortcuts that will help you work on your computer much faster. At the same time, it is important that the operating system is Windows, and not MacOS or some other.

If you want to quickly call up “Explorer”, then the combination Win + E will help you . And you can quickly switch between programs and windows thanks to Alt + tab .

In a browser, in fact, you can also switch between tabs using the keyboard. Ctrl + tab is used for this . If you need to quickly close unnecessary tabs (or windows in Explorer) – press Ctrl + W.

In addition, the Ctrl + Z combination will help you quickly undo the previous action (for example, restore accidentally erased text), and Ctrl + T – open the browser tab that you just closed.

Hot keys other than Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V that will speed up your work

You can select text using the combination Ctrl + Shift + arrow (if you need to select a word, then ← and → are used, if a paragraph, then ↑ and ↓).

There are also useful desktop combinations. Win + L will help you lock your computer, Win+M will minimize all windows, and Win+D will maximize them back.

Another keyboard shortcut will help you find out what you have on the clipboard, that is, what you’ve copied. To do this, press Win + V.

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