“I’ve Five Years To Live” Says Kemi Afolabi After Being Diagnosed with Lupus Disease.


Actress Kemi Afolabi diagnosed with Lupus disease as she revealed on social media after her doctors diagnosed her with the deadly disease, saying she may only have five more years to live before she dies.

The actress who has lately been in and out of the hospital is believed to be nursing an ailment that has also kept her off movie scene for a while.

As questions continue to pile up about what could be the cause for her absence in movies as she would have loved to, Afolabi broke her silence on Friday morning during an interview she granted popular TV host, Chude Jideonwo, saying her doctors have told her she has lived one year of the five years she probably has left on earth.

With load of prayers and kind wishes flooding her comment section from her fans and colleagues, who claimed they were never aware of her ill health, Afolabi disclosed that she has been spending a fortune on her health to get better.

Speaking about her challenges and how she got to know about her predicament, the University of Lagos graduate of Law revealed that doctors told her she had five years to live out of which she has spent one already.

She stated that she was diagnosed with Lupus disease, a rare medical condition that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its tissues and organs.

According to her, “I have lupus and it is not curable. You just have to take medications for the rest of your life. I spend about a million naira every week on medication but I have not got the desired result.”

Afolabi quoting her doctor said: “Make sure you are with your loved ones. At least, you still have up to five years to live.”

Earlier in the year, she revealed that she was diagnosed with an incurable disease but the disease and how fast she was losing her once bubbling self to it.

Although the report of Kemi Afolabi of being diagnosed with Lupus is a shock to everyone, Some of her colleagues and loved ones have reached out to her  and prayed for her recovery.

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