Juan Manuel Correa considers that Alpine “has played” with Oscar Piastri


Oscar Piastri is one of the great stars of this year’s ‘silly season’. There are many who have spoken about the ‘Piastri case’ and the last one has been the Formula 3 driver Juan Manuel Correa who considers that Alpine “has played” with the Australian and trusts that he will run in McLaren next season.

Juan Manuel Correa shares a physiotherapist with Oscar Piastri, so he knows the Australian’s situation closely. The Ecuadorian pilot blames Alpine for the current situation and affirms that they have not acted in the correct way.

“I don’t know how much to say. The thing is, my physio this year is actually Oscar’s full-time physio. So, I know quite a bit about it,” the Formula 3 driver told ‘Any Driver Monday’. Sky Sports F1.

“From my perspective and what is public knowledge, I think it’s actually more Alpine’s fault. They were messing around with Oscar and Fernando a little bit ,” he said.

Correa points out that Alpine has not fulfilled its part of the bargain and explains that he understands Piastri’s decision. “They didn’t give Oscar, I think what they had promised, and any driver in his position would have done what he did. That’s what I think, as far as I know,” he added.

Likewise, he considers that Piastri deserved to race this season in the highest category of motorsport and hopes to see him on the McLaren next year. “But of course sport loves drama. The hearing was this morning, but I think he will race for McLaren next year,” Correa said.

“And I hope so, because he deserves a place in Formula 1. It was already a shame that he did not get a seat immediately last year. At least now he will have his chance,” he pointed out to close.

The Contract Recognition Office is the one who has the last word on this matter. Today the hearing of the contract between Alpine and Piastri has been carried out and although the resolution has not yet been made public, it is expected to be announced in the coming days.

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