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Jenson Button Net Worth

Jenson Button in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $150 Million.

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Full Biography of Jenson Button

The name of Jenson Button is known to motor racing fans. Changing teams and classes of cars over a long career, the athlete showed good results. The Briton has gone from the winner of the national karting tournament to the world champion in the Formula 1 class.

Childhood and youth

Jenson Alexander Lyons Button was born in January 1980 in the town of Frome, located in the north-east of the English county of Somerset. The boy was raised and brought up by representatives of different nationalities. The future racer was the fourth child in a large family.

Father, John Button, a native of London’s East End, became famous in the UK as a racer. The peak of the pilot’s career, nicknamed the Colorado Beetle, came in the late 1980s – mid-1990s. Mother, Simone Lyons, who had South African roots, looked after the house and the well-being of her son and daughters.

Thanks to the success of the head of the family, Jenson Button from early childhood became interested in sports. At first he rode a bicycle with classmates, then he became addicted to broadcasting Formula 1 competitions.

After his parents divorced in 1987, Jenson Button stayed with his mother and sisters. At the right age, he went to a comprehensive school and took up karting. Training interfered with his studies, but despite this, the Englishman received a compulsory education. True, the first time writing the qualifying exam, he failed.

The beginning of the journey in motorsport was followed by his father. It was him who gave his son the first racing car without a body and agreed to practice on the Clay Pigeon track.

Under the supervision of a pro, Jenson Button began his career growth – he learned how to drive a four-wheeled unit on a wet road and mastered key driving techniques. In the early 1990s, Button had a number of high-profile titles in his piggy bank, including the title of British champion as part of the Wright Karts junior team.


From early childhood, Jenson’s main life goal was to participate in the royal races. His father’s acquaintances allowed him to skip the intermediate stages and make his debut in the junior series.

However, the young Briton showed patience and managed to soberly assess his own chances. To start a sports biography, he chose the Formula Ford competition.

In the late 1990s, the driver became the vice-champion of the European tournament and received the Autosport BRDC Award. Tests on the McLaren MP4/14 formula car were a bonus. Feeling confident in an extra-class car, Jenson Button realized that the time had come for Formula 3.

It was not possible to lead a full-fledged season with peers, because Alain Prost drew attention to the young talent from Frome. As soon as world champion Alessandro Zanardi retired, Button, under pressure from his father, had to agree to be included in the Williams team. In the shortest possible time, the guy managed to get a super license, which allowed him to compete with the leading F-1 racers.

Superiority over colleague Ralf Schumacher at a number of stages made a splash in the sports community. Few people knew that the owner of the “stable” Frank Williams was going to replace him with Juan Pablo Montoya.

In the early 2000s, the Colombian was released from obligations to the leadership of another series, and the Briton left for Benetton. Compensation for non-pecuniary damage was considered the right to renew the contract.

Jenson Button

The first season away from Williams, during which the Italian Giancarlo Fisichella was a partner, brought nothing but the Playboy nickname due to his attractive appearance. Nevertheless, the driver’s son believed in the best and remained in the car, renamed Renault.

Hopes were not in vain, because in 2002 Jenson Button stopped several times a step away from the podium. For unknown reasons, this state of affairs did not suit the English managers, so the transfer to the international BAR team took place.

The ability to pilot a car with a powerful engine gave Jenson Button new strength. In 2004, for the first time in his career, he won pole position at the track in San Marino and came to the podium.

At the end of the season, the Briton took third place, second only to drivers from Scuderia Ferrari. After that, the victor wanted to return to Williams, but this was prevented by the FIA ​​leadership, who considered that the obligations to British American Racing were not fully fulfilled.

It turned out to be a happy coincidence, because BAR was bought out by Ross Brown. By the end of the 2000s, the Brawn GP car, which belonged to the master of auto racing, was brought to the desired condition.

In the fight against competitors (Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton), Jenson Button was able to show an incredible result – he won six Grand Prix and became the world champion in Formula 1 races.

In 2010, with the sale of the Mercedes team, Jenson Button left for McLaren and remained in the group of leaders for several seasons. Unfortunately, by the middle of the decade, the car turned out to be uncompetitive, and it was not possible to take the top line in the final tables.

At the end of 2015, having one title in his asset, Button ended his career as a combat pilot and retrained as a sports commentator. From that moment on, he repeatedly attended the stages of the royal races and took pre-podium interviews from the winners and prize-winners.


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Personal life

In his youth, in the personal life of a British race car driver, there were several women whom journalists learned about. Jenson Button was in a relationship with singer Louise Griffiths, television series star Rose McGowan and model Florence Brudnell-Bruce.

In 2015, the Japanese woman Jessica Michibata became the wife of the Formula 1 world champion, the marriage lasted about a year. Then the feelings cooled down, followed by a divorce.

After being alone, Jenson decided to seek happiness again. He met the beautiful Brittney Ward and realized that this was fate. Now the couple lives in the UK and has two children – a daughter and a son. The boy’s name is Hendrix Jonathan and the girl’s name is Lenny Monroe.

The couple’s wedding was postponed for a long time, but finally on March 12, 2022, Jenson and Brittney went down the aisle. Among the guests of the ceremony, held in Florida, were actress Renee Zellweger and her companion Ant Anstead, a longtime friend and business partner of Button.

Jenson Button now

Having ended his career in Formula 1, Jenson Button did not manage to completely part with the royal races. He worked at the Williams team headquarters and had a hand in George Russell’s move to Mercedes for the 2022 season.

Jenson Button and Brittney Ward

Jenson Button and Brittney Ward

In addition, the Briton continues to cooperate with sports TV channels as an interviewer and commentator. Fans every time are delighted, seeing an idol at the Grand Prix.

Jenson Button Achievements

  • 1998 – British Formula Ford winner
  • 1999 – Bronze medalist of the British “Formula 3”
  • 1998 – Winner of the Formula Ford Festival
  • 1999 – Silver medalist at the Macau Grand Prix
  • 1999 – Korean Super Prix silver medalist
  • 2004 – Bronze medalist of Formula 1
  • 2009 – Formula 1 winner
  • 2011 – Silver medalist of Formula 1

Interesting Facts about Jenson Button

  1. According to one version, Jenson was named after his father’s rally rival Erling Jensen. Parents changed one letter so that the name would not be compared with the Jensen Motors sports car brand.
  2. At a young age, Jenson Button idolized four-time Formula 1 world champion Alain Prost. This is mentioned in the autobiographical book.
  3. Jenson failed his first driving test, although he was a professional kart driver.
  4. In parallel with performances in Formula 1, Jenson Button participated in endurance racing and drove cars in the Super GT series competitions.
  5. Jenson’s hobbies include mountain biking, triathlon and bodyboarding.
  6. The famous race car driver was a guest of the Top Gear program and starred in television films.
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