Italian company Dotto Creations showed a transforming Biancaneve motorcycle


The Italian company Dotto Creations, recently created by the joint efforts of two talented designers Francesco Iannuzzi and Gianluca Bartolini, presented the first incarnation of their creative ideas – the Biancaneve (Snow White) motorcycle, based on the classic Honda CX500.

In fact, “Biancaneve” is a thoroughly reimagined modern version of the CX500 of the distant 1979.

The key idea when creating their firstborn F. Iannuzzi and D. Bartolini formulated something like this – “remove everything unnecessary and get as close to the ideal as possible.”

Honda CX500 Biancaneve

“Biancaneve” next to its progenitor Honda CX500

In particular, they offered two configurations of the motorcycle – for use in the parking lot and on the move.

Unlike the “progenitor”, it was decided to cover all the external metal parts of the bike – the engine, radiator and others – with black metal powder, as well as add a set of new design accessories in combination with a reduced round headlight and a digital dashboard.

One of the main features of Biancaneve is an unusual lid that covers the seat during parking. (As you know, all classic motorcycles always have their seats open).

As a result, the top of the bike, painted white, looks very harmonious in the parking lot, representing a single whole.

Honda CX500 Biancaneve


Before starting the movement, with the help of a special latch, the lid with a complex set of hinges and racks leans back. A fuel tank with a neck “hides” under the front cover.

It is planned to release “Biancaneve” in a limited edition of 20 units. More information about it, apparently, will be available at the Bike Shed Show in London and at the FuoriSalone in Milan.

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