Is radiation from fitness bracelets dangerous for your health?


Today, a lot of people have a fitness bracelet. And why not, because these devices cost only $29 – $50, but at the same time they look stylish and constantly monitor a person’s physical activity and the quality of his sleep.

Each owner of a “smart” watch must have had a question – is it dangerous to wear them all day long? After all, they fit snugly to the wrist and regularly communicate with the smartphone via a wireless network.

If you remember all sorts of grandmother’s horror stories about “radiation” from TVs, computers and other equipment, it can directly become uncomfortable.

So let’s figure it out once and for all, can fitness bracelets be harmful, or do we have nothing to worry about? Spoiler: radiation from watches is not harmful to people, but there are a couple of little things that few people pay attention to …

What are fitness bracelets for?

The first devices for tracking people’s physical activity appeared in the 19th century. One of them was the “cyclometer” created in 1895 for cyclists – it counted the revolutions of the wheels and translated them into kilometers.

And modern fitness trackers were developed in the 1980s for skiers to track their heartbeats.

1981 heart rate sensor

1981 heart rate sensor

If you are in doubt about whether to buy a fitness tracker, by all means buy it. It is worth noting right away that their indicators are often erroneous – for example, if the screen shows 10,000 steps taken ( mythical! ).

This is close, but not the most accurate data. The same applies to information about the heartbeat and even more so the level of stress.

First of all, fitness trackers should be bought for motivation. When a person sees that he has very few steps, he is more willing to go for a walk.

In addition, most bracelets have an alarm clock, a timer, show smartphone notifications, and so on.

Is radiation from smart watches dangerous?

If you bought a fitness bracelet from a trusted manufacturer, they do not cause any harm to the body. As a rule, they use Bluetooth technology to connect with a smartphone, which is considered safe for health.

Radiation from electronic devices is usually evaluated in units of SAR – this is an indicator that determines the energy of the electromagnetic field, which is absorbed by human tissues in one second.

Radiation from fitness bracelets is many times less than from smartphones

Radiation from fitness bracelets is many times less than from smartphones

For the iPhone 11 smartphone, this figure is 0.95 SAR. If a person speaks on a speaker phone, the rate drops to 0.003 SAR.

But a smartphone is a device that works with a large number of networks, and fitness bracelets have only one Bluetooth module.

So the harm from them is clearly less than from smartphones, even if they are constantly leaning against the body. There is no evidence that fitness bracelets are harmful to health, which means there is nothing to worry about.

There are a huge number of fitness bracelets, everyone will find something for themselves.

There are a huge number of fitness bracelets, everyone will find something for themselves.

But if you bought a cheap device from an unknown manufacturer, it is better to get rid of it. Firstly, it is unlikely to work well, why do you need it?

Secondly, if it is equipped with additional functions like making calls, it can really have dangerous radiation – one “bluetooth” was clearly not enough there.

The real danger of fitness bracelets

For all its advantages, sometimes fitness bracelets can be harmful.

Exhaustion due to a fitness bracelet

In some cases, fitness bracelets harm people by constantly sending notifications and making it difficult to concentrate.

Fortunately, this feature can usually be turned off. Sometimes people rely too much on the “trainer” built into the bracelet and want to break their own records every day.

This is also dangerous, because the body needs to be given time to rest.

The constant pursuit of achievement can lead to exhaustion.

The constant pursuit of achievement can lead to exhaustion.

Itching on the skin due to a fitness bracelet

Another danger of wearing fitness bands is that some people barely wash them. But dangerous bacteria can live between the strap and the wrist, which can cause itching and other unpleasant sensations.

Since many bracelets are waterproof, it’s best to wash them gently before going to bed – don’t forget about your wrist too! Some people are allergic to silicone, in which case a fabric strap should be used.

Sometimes fitness bracelets cause skin irritation

Sometimes fitness bracelets cause skin irritation

Otherwise, these are excellent devices, to which few people have bickering. What do you think? Write about your experience of using fitness bracelets in the comments or here.