Is it worth taking care of the phone battery and how to charge it properly


How do you choose a phone? Probably see what kind of camera it has, what kind of screen and how fast it works. Or maybe just go and buy the current generation of iPhone. Both options are possible and in both, having bought a new gadget, you will use it for quite a long time. Only after a few months you will notice that the phone does not work as long as it used to. In a year it will become even more noticeable. And in two years the phone will live only half a day. At the same time, it may start to slow down due to the fact that it does not provide enough power to the processor, or even turn off when the battery still has 30-40 percent charge. What can I do to make it last longer?

Should you save your phone battery?

Let’s start with the fact that if the battery is worn out, then there is nothing to worry about, and you can change it relatively inexpensively and quickly enough. For example, at the Apple Pro service center, you can also change the battery yourself by buying it on AliExpress.

At the same time, you can buy it solo if you have the tools and skills to work. If not, you can buy a ready-made kit with instructions and a set of tools. So you can do everything yourself.

How to properly charge your phone battery

Now let’s talk about the most important thing – how to increase battery life and delay the time when the battery needs to be changed as much as possible. We asked our friends from Apple Pro about increasing autonomy, who shared a few tips and told what users most often turn to them with.

Is it possible to buy a charger on Aliexpress

The first and most important thing that many people forget about, what spoils our devices the most is the use of low-quality power adapters and / or wires. Not only do they give the wrong current, but they also have a high risk of voltage surge. In this case, the entire phone may burn out. But, most likely, the matter will be limited to the power controller. That’s just it’s hard to call “little blood.”

A damaged power controller is often the cause of battery failure. Sometimes it even makes you think that it’s time to change the battery, although it can still serve. If it does not work correctly, the phone does not go to sleep, and the energy is spent on heating. From the outside, it looks like a “dead” battery, but in reality it is not to blame at all. The reason for the failure of the power controller is the use of low-quality chargers.

Charging should be good. And it is better to refuse external batteries and charging in the car.

That’s sorted out. Another factor that ruins a battery is our desire to keep it long lasting. That is, on the contrary, we ourselves do the best, but it turns out as always.

How to prepare your phone for long term storage

I’m talking about cases where users incorrectly charge, discharge and store the battery. Since the days of old batteries, we have taken root in the opinion that it should be fully charged, and only discharged to zero. At the same time, in no case should you put it on charge if there is at least some energy left in it.

It used to be relevant, but now it only harms the battery. The safest mode of use is when the charge is in the range of 40 to 80 percent. At the same time, you can charge it at any time when you want – this will not harm the life of the power source in any way.

If you want to store the battery, then it is worth remembering that it is better to keep it in about the same range. That is, you should not remove it from a 100% charge, and leaving a discharged battery for a long time is completely contraindicated. The degradation of materials begins precisely when there is no charge in the battery. This process is not reversible, and a deep discharge (when the phone lies with “zero” for a long time) leads to the fact that the battery may never be charged again.

You can save the battery, but it will not increase its service life much.

Is it possible to increase the life of the phone

In fact, these two things are enough to ensure that the battery lasts as long as possible. In fact, you just need to use the phone and ignore the conventions. In this case, choose only the original charger or just a good one. External batteries are also best used only as a last resort. If you follow these rules, then the service centers will have less work, and you will have a fresher battery.