Is it true that WhatsApp will become paid and what is WhatsApp Premium?


Few people know that WhatsApp has not always been free. At the dawn of its formation, the messenger could only be downloaded with money.

As I remember now, in the App Store, the application could be bought for 99 cents. The purchase was made one-time and there was no need to pay something on top during the entire period of use.

However, after WhatsApp bought out Facebook, the messenger became completely free. Now what? This week, the beta version of WhatsApp, a mention of a paid WhatsApp Premium surfaced. Many immediately decided that their favorite messenger would become paid and began to think about ways of retreat.

After all, no matter how convenient and familiar to the heart it may be, the vast majority will not want to pay, just to communicate with loved ones as in the time past with SMS.

WhatsApp Premium – what is it

WhatsApp Premium is for corporate users only

WhatsApp Premium is a paid plan that will be launched for the foreseeable future. Access to it will be by subscription, which will have to be paid on a monthly basis.

The cost of the subscription has not yet been announced, as well as all the privileges that it will provide. However, it is already known about at least three chips that subscribers of the paid WhatsApp tariff will receive :

  • Connecting up to 10 devices to one account;
  • Creation of short links to connect to the chat;
  • Ability to hide the phone number of the account.

Already upset? Not worth it. Surely you are aware that WhatsApp is not the only messenger. Rather, there is only one messenger, but with two clients: WhatsApp itself and WhatsApp Business.

We use the first one for private correspondence, and the second is intended for corporate users who want to keep in touch with their customers on their usual platform of interaction.

So the WhatsApp Premium subscription will be available only in WhatsApp Business. After all, all the privileges that a paid tariff provides are primarily aimed at corporate users.

Connecting multiple devices will allow you to better organize the technical support service, creating links to chats will make it easier to connect, and hiding the number will make communication less personal.

How does WhatsApp make money?

Now WhatsApp is not so hot as monetized, and management is looking for ways to bring it to self-sufficiency

As for ordinary users, for you and me, WhatsApp, as before, will remain completely free. In the end, another business model simply won’t catch on, because the introduction of payments will actually take us back to the days when we were already paying for SMS messages.

So, developers need to look for other ways to monetize. What exactly they will be remains to be seen.

If you remember, about a year ago, WhatsApp planned to openly collect user data in order to use it for advertising purposes on its sites, and even threatened those who did not accept the new conditions to block their accounts.

However, the majority, as it turned out, turned out to be from such a situation and even began to leave for Telegram, so WhatsApp management abandoned this idea.

Now WhatsApp, apparently, is almost never monetized. In any case, it is still far from self-sufficiency. This is a problem in general for all messengers, so their creators come up with different ways to make a profit.

For example, the same Telegram did not hesitate to introduce advertising, and now it is also going to launch a paid subscription. But not for corporate users, but in general for everyone.

So frankly, the fact that WhatsApp hasn’t done anything like that yet is respectable. After all, it is much easier and less dangerous for authority to start robbing corporate users than to sacrifice the loyalty of the main audience.

And our opinion for the creators of WhatsApp, as practice has shown, is of great importance. Therefore , it’s definitely not worth worrying about WhatsApp becoming paid.