iPhones will finally show battery percentages, but not all


Apple finally fixed the problem that appeared with the launch of the iPhone X. The new iOS 16 beta started showing battery percentage!

Apple listened to the requests of users

The iPhone X was certainly a landmark device that defined the future of the Cupertino company’s smartphones for several years. It was there that the famous “unibrow” appeared, which is still used today. Unfortunately, the notch caused the battery percentage indicator to disappear from the screen.

All iPhones equipped with a notch display a simple battery icon that does not show the exact charge level. To see how much percent is left, you need to open the curtain of the control center. It’s not very intuitive, and even more convenient.

It seemed that the battery percentage indicator would only return when Apple completely got rid of the notch. Although even this was not certain – a similar indicator disappeared from macOS several years ago without any explanation.

But, as it turned out, this feature, which is necessary for many, was returned to the latest beta version of iOS 16. “Percentage” is now displayed directly on the battery icon, as in many other Android smartphones.

If you want to turn on the display, go to the settings in the “Battery” section, and activate the switch next to the “Battery percentage” option.

Unfortunately, it was not without limitations. As noted by MacRumors, the new option is not available for the iPhone 12 mini, 13 mini, 11, and XR. However, we hope that this will change with the release of the stable version of iOS 16 next month.


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