iPhone sales fall in the world’s largest market


In China, the decline in the smartphone market continues, which manifested itself in the first quarter of 2022. And if in the course of it Apple managed to increase supplies, then in April the researchers record the reverse dynamics.

In the second month of spring, iPhone shipments to China fell by 16% compared to March, although even taking this into account, they are still 11% higher than a year earlier.

By the way, iPhones make up the lion’s share of all international smartphones imported into the Celestial Empire, the share of which in April completely collapsed by a quarter (26%).

It is worth noting that these figures are significantly ahead of the global decline in the smartphone market (about 8%). On the other hand, as we remember, a new king is gaining momentum in China- it is quite possible that it successes, coupled with quarantine measures, continue to influence sales of apple smartphones.